Saturday, December 01, 2007

meow christmas

merry christmas everyone!!!

this day is the official start of the christmas month and i wanna forget all the hullabaloos of that stupid coup d'etat, the fear that earthquake brought, and the anxiety those super typhoons gave us, goodness all that stuff in just a week!

Christmastime is fast approaching and for the love of bluep and the christmas season i am now presenting to you the "RONITO RONITA".


How to Join?

1. Fill up and submit the details of the form here.
2. Copy and post the rules to your blog. Include the “backward list” (a record of how the tag reached you) and add your name.
3. Recruit for participants. Be sure to get their consent. Should they agree to join, add them to your “forward list” (bloggers you’ve convinced to join). Remind them to do item #1.

** Participants will be accepted until December 16 (Phil. time) only. On December 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your Ronito/Ronita. Send him/her a Christmas greeting via E-cards preferably on December 25. Should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.

My Backward Link List (a record of how the tag reached me): iRonnie - Jeprocks - bluepanjeet - pusa - “add your name here“


My Forward Link List (bloggers who joined): diwata, chuva???

I'm still having problems trying to understand the mechanics, so click over here for a clearer idea. Bluep will give us a seminar to fully appreciate this. ;)

4 meow:

sadako said...

hello kapatid na pusa. Thanks for doing the tag. pero bakit wala ka tinag? hehe. Anyhow I just dropped by coz I saw the link on my dashboard. Salamat talaga kapatid. Ang lakas ko sayo haha.

Pax et Bonum!

happy sunday

pusa said...

meow bluep... oo ganyan ka kalakas sa akin. kelangan ko ba magtag? hahaha kelangan ko talaga ng seminar d2 ;)

diwata said...

hindi ko pa din maintindihan aktuali hindi ko pa nababas ang concept talaga eh pero ayaw ko nang dumugo ang ilong ko lol enough!

pusa said...

ako din! di ko talaga lam pano to, basta join lang si bluep kc ;D


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