Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brutal as it may seem I love to watch boxing… It’s a guys sport, but what the heck, I don’t care. So why did I come to love boxing? This is how the story goes… back in high school, I was a member of our school paper, since there were just a few of us who contribute to the school paper, all the staff were automatically included to compete in the journalist meet for the district II of manila, I was assigned to write/compete for the sports section, duh, im not into sports, im not an active person (The only sports I know how to play are chess, billards, and chess… if those can be considered as “sports”). With little option I said ok, so off we went to Torres high school were the competition was held, and hello, with little experience and knowledge in the sports section I was able to make it to the top ten, luckily the subject was basketball (I knew some of the terms and the rules how to play basketball, that’s because I was a Ginebra fanatic before – back when Jawo can still play). Anyways winning the competition convinced them that I know how to write a sports item, and it’s a sure ticket to the NCR competition, whew! NCR meet… it was a big event back in high school… so, OK. We went to compete with the best of NCR, unfortunately the subject that was given to us was boxing. Hello? Boxing? What the hell do I know about boxing, I hated watching it on tv, cant stand to see people punching and hitting each other, tearing each others guts in front of the cheering crowd, cant stand to see blood, bruised eyes, etc. And because of my ignorance in boxing, I didn’t make it to the top ten, how can I write a boxing story, if I don’t know how to play it? Lost my ticket to the national competition... and it redirected my path from becoming a journalist to what I am now, whatever is now. From then on, I started asking the rules and how boxing goes; I also made sure that I watch big event match that features Tyson, Holyfield, delaHoya, among others… That was the beginning, I just wanted to learn the game that “failed” me, but I can’t help it, it started to grow on me, and then I just woke up one day that I love the game. I still cringe when a fist hits the face, when blood pours in, but I can’t also help be excited especially if my bet is the one who made the punch, and I get really excited if the game ends in a knock out. Yeah, I am now one of those people who love boxing. And right now, I can’t wait for the Pacquiao – Morales rematch, and I’m one of the many Filipinos who hope and pray that our very own Manny wins the match.


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