Thursday, November 30, 2006

merry christmas!!!

i know it's still early to greet y'all but its only 25 days to go before Christmas! i love Christmas, its my favorite holiday of the year, even with all the hassles it brings like buying gifts and stuff (which reminds me i still have to do my christmas shopping) but these past few years i can't feel the spirit of christmas anymore. it seems that the christmas nowadays is different than when it used to be when i was still a kid, maybe its true that christmas is for kids only, but i want to feel that christmas feeling again.

here's the nativity scene located in front of Philippine Stock Exchange Building, reminds us not to forget what christmas is really all about.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

it's for real

as what i've said in my previous post, i won TIMEX 5G881 at well the item arrived yesterday and here it is, still in the box!

well this is my own self modeling the watch (forgive this camera addict)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

digital coloring

i've been trying to learn coloring using photoshop since i've come across paige pooler's site. i so envy her for being able to color her doodles beautifully and she's such a very good artist. i wanted to learn how to do the trick and i've been visiting various sites for tutorial and frankly i'm having a hard time following since my knowledge in photoshop is so little, good thing bien is here to help me and pointed out the basics in digital coloring *sigh he'll be leaving soon... bien taught me the magic tools to bring out the colors i wanted or how to achieve those glossy look - burn and dodge tool!

anyways here's t first three images that i've tried coloring digitally, the raw images are from that i've downloaded, please dont laugh at them, i'm still trying to learn and i'm hoping that eventually i'll use my own doodle or sketches (if i can still remeber how to draw that is)

this first image is just using the powerful dodge and burn tools.
this one here is my first shot at the emboss feature, though i still have to learn how to cut images seamlessly, as you can see the edges are ragged.
i'm quite proud with this 3rd image her, how i love the embossed flower that hello kitty is holding.
if you have comments and suggestions on how i can improve please tell me, i'll appreaciate the help.
another artist that i really like is asya schween, her deviants are really great, try checking out her site, i wish i can produce a masterpiece like what she's doing, but as i've said there's still a lot to learn.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i won! i won!

YEHEY!!! i just won a brand new TIMEX 5G881 from :) *grin

the auction have this "30 milyong pabwenas" promo that will run till dec i joined the auction last oct. 23 getting encourage by my officemates, leslie and michelle who already won a portable dvd player and Php 2,900 respectively from the said promo, and i have joined in the bandwagon of waiting at these times 10:00, 11:00, 2:00, 3:00 for the events.

so, if i were you join na, nothing to lose. you just sign up and you already have a chance to win. afterall there's a saying that the best things in life are free.

here's the mechanics for:

Daily Lucky 3 Combo

From Mondays to Fridays, will feature three (3) wonderful items up-for-sale, for an unbelievable bargain price of only P100 to three (3) lucky members. Each item in our daily showcase has a secret 3-digit purchase code. All you have to do is guess the correct combination for each item. The one to guess the item's correct 3-digit combo is declared the winning buyer and pays only P100 for the item.

One peso acution
Upon sign-in, proceed to event main page and check for any ongoing One Peso Auction. Should there be an ongoing Auction and you wish to join, click ‘Bid Now’ button. The system automatically accepts your bid with a bid increment of P 1 from the current highest bid price. As a member, you can bid only 5 times per item. The member who meets the target price of an item, which is set by, will be declared as the winning bidder. Auction of a particular item will not end until the target price of an item is met.

for more details just visit their site at

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

boots and baby shower

yey got a new boots for only 615! a bargain price for a boots that i really like, its pointed toes, the form, the heels and its really comfy, in short... di masakit sa paa. got it from leaveland, just hope that these boots will last long... got it from midnight sale and i paid it at the cashier at exactly 12 midnight lol, sulit and midnight sale hahaha (will post the picture tom). actually me and my girlfriends meet at glorieta last friday to plan the baby shower for my bestfriend (she's due on the 2nd week of december), didn't know that it was midnight sale that friday and you can imagine kun gano kadami un tao dun, as in! anyways after eating at sbarro we proceed to greenbelt hoping mas onti un tao dun for a cup of coffee at starbucks, pero since its friday night dami pa rin tao. anyways we were able to plan the baby shower, the only thing that needs to be done is the execution of the plan, we're doing this baby shower for the frist time so hopefully everything will work out nicely. we're planning to hold the party at music 21, date is tentatively between nov 30 to dec 2, not final yet, we still have to check our schedules.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

puss in boots

sigh, we'll my old boots cant take it any longer and has retired months ago, after endless use and abuse from its owner it just have to take a rest and i'd been hunting a new pair of boots since then (though i got sidetracked by those cute sandals for some time) but now i really want to have new boots now, as in now na! hehehe

i want ankle boots to be precise and i so want these boots, anyone who has a spare? hopefully i can find boots that resemble those in the photos from our local shops and i'm really in a tight budget right now so anyone willing to donate or help me have a good pair of boots is very much welcome

Monday, November 13, 2006

cool pic

ronato alcano

he certainly made his name big this time, and after this 2006 world pool championships his name has become a byword in every Filipino household… no longer in the shadow of his idol eferen bata reyes but a name on his own, in this one kind of a league of billards. Proving himself worthy of the title in showing his skill and superb talent in pool, and of course our lady luck never left his side. Congratulations to the volcano for a very well played game.

as what the formidable souquet said , he very well deserved this title, beating the bests in the world including bata and the 2005 world champ – wu chia ching.

Friday, November 10, 2006

world pool 2006

photo from

Waaaaa bata lost! Of course im talking about the magician, need I say more? The man doesn’t need any introduction at all. Stayed up till 1am to watch his fight with alcano, but too bad his luck didn’t came in out during the first 4 racks, missing some easy shots. Luck came in the middle of the match and got his usual stride to make a comeback but then missed again on those easy shots, urgghh! Anyways, that’s life and when you play billards, you should always have luck on your side to win the game. Besides alcano made a good fight, he’s actually good, even bata thinks so.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview from AZB with bata after his induction into the BCA Hall Of Fame (for the complete interview go

AZB: There are so many good players coming over to the states from the Phillippines. Who do you think is the next big star coming from there?

Efren: There are many young promising players in the Philippines like Lee Van Corteza, Dennis Orcullo and Warren Kiamco but of all the players, I think Ronnie Alcano is the one who has more or less adopted my style of play.

Anyways, since bata is out, im no longer sulking over the fact that I wasn’t able to buy tickets to the world pool for the quarter finals... I only wanted to watch it live because of bata but now, I’ll just watch the rest of the tournament on tv, its live on espn anyways, and I always gets the best seat at home =)

Before bata’s match, there was the jharome pena and steve davis match and I really enjoyed watching those two, especially their heartbreaking misses of the good shot (dang, these players always misses the easy ones… I wonder if they do it on purpose hehehe).

And I think the real highlight of that game was when davis made a foul by actually hitting on the 3 ball failing to see or actually forgetting that the 2 ball was still on the table. Davis is good and I really liked the way pena played with this veteran.

I wish goodluck to these 3 filipinos left in last 16: alcano, de luna, and luat. Cant make a forecast who’s going to win the tournament, haven’t actually watched those Taipei guys played, heard they’re good but still I wish that one of our 3 remaining bets won the finals this sunday.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

new look!

Yey finally! After endless tweaking and browsing the net on how to imbed my own background and header images for this blog and how to manipulate the minima black template to suit my taste i finally got it right. Thanks to google for always being there, google always knows the answer and the right site to turn to hahaha. Many thanks to bien for teaching me PS techniques so that i can produce the image that i want. And to these two ladies (whom i don’t know personally but thanks to the net for making the world smaller) for posting their how to’s: kate and pam. You can also learn a lot of things about html and css in here. Enjoy!!!


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