Thursday, July 21, 2011

barcode 80025 75540

i dunno with you but i really find it weird finding a barcode in the middle of the book. bought this book from power books at shangri la mall a few days ago and was really surprised to see this barcode lying at the center of the book. completely new with sticker on and with those tiny wires, i dunno what you call those tracking thingy that is supposed to set off the alarm when you get our of a store without paying. nah i paid for the book and the book was sealed when i got it and the alarm didnt went off as well when i passed thru it but really, i just find it weird finding a bar code in the middle of a book. so it says barcode 80025 75540 wonder why they would put it in a book, was it a mistake or what? i dunno, just find it weird.

so anyone found a bar code in your book?

Monday, July 04, 2011

not all those who wander are lost

"all that is gold does not glitter
not all those who wander are lost"

how to be rich

who doesn't want to be rich? i guess none... everyone wants to be rich. there are a lot of stories from rags to riches and we all want that to happen to us and those stories inspire us to work harder and achieve our dreams but sometimes it seems that we are too far in reaching our goal and the road to success is difficult. but do not stop from dreaming and working to try and achieve your goals. you just have to open your eyes and find ways how to become rich. yeah we have our day jobs that put food in the table but that isn't enough to support our hobbies. so what else should we do to earn money?  you may have heard that you can make money online, and yes it is true.  there is money online and if you know what you're doing or just love what you're doing the money will come in. but it is not as easy as you think, earning online is still work and you also have to work hard on it to start earning. as a testimonial, i was able to buy my dslr camera using the money i earned online. i know, whatever i earned online is a pittance compared to others who are earning online but it is still good. there are lots of ways to make money online, some earn through blogging, signing up or putting up advertisement on their blogs or website, others use the internet to sell their stuff online and get a really nice profit, those are just some ways how to earn online. i'm not saying that trying to earn online can make you rich but there are a lot of persons who earned their fortune online, take the google and facebook founder, they are the institution now. who knows the next big thing cold be you? just dream and work hard. :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Please VOTE for Palawan Underground River

Please vote for Palawan Underground River 
to be one of the new 7 wonders of nature 
or by texting PPUR to 2861

how to get that girl

How to get that girl? If you are a guy and has been having difficulty getting that girl of your dreams or have so much insecurities that you are sweating all over just even thinking of asking a girl out then worry no more. There’s this video that claims that you can get that girl of your dreams and get laid. Hold on, I didn’t say go watch the video so you can just get yourself laid, it actually teaches you more how to get that girl that you’ve meaning to ask for a date, with good result not just in a one night stand thingy but something that will last or when you want to get in a real relationship. It will basically teach you how to read a woman’s mind that is, well not actually reading her mind per se but getting an inside info on how a girl’s intricate and sometimes complicated mind work and with this knowledge you become Persuasive in a good way.. Yes, I know, we girls are sometimes very hard to figure out hehehe. Why am I putting this up? Because I want to help a friend who wants to get her dream girl but is so insecure and doesn’t have the guts. I hope this can help you my friend and I do hope you’ll use this information to good use and not just to break somebody’s heart okay?


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