Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hello kitty christmas at the north part 1 of 3

Imagine a wonderful hello kitty day that any hello kitty lover dreams of - a truly spectacular and amazing day that is! And that is what i have experienced last saturday when i attended the launching of "Hello Kitty Christmas at the North" at The Block, SM City North Edsa.

I am so happy to be given an opportunity to attend and get an invite to this event. Any Hello Kitty fan would love it! To be honest, i was a bit skeptical when i got a comment from one of my hello kitty posts asking if i would be willing to lend my hello kitty collection for an exhibit at the mall, but being a true hello kitty fan girl i immediately emailed back that i would be delighted. Little did I know that aside from my hello kitty stuff getting exhibited, that they would also have a grand opening and a Hello Kitty Village treat at SM North Edsa.

But due to circumstances I arrived late (sob! i know right!) i was planning to be there early so i can take pictures and take everything in but i had to accompany my mother in a painting exhibit at filinvest early saturday morning and just got home around 12noon tired and sleepy, so after eating lunch i decided to take a nap so that i will have a beauty rest hahaha, i really wanted to prepare myself and kittify myself for this event, i even had my nails painted with hello kitty friday night. i was planning to wear my most colorful hello kitty outfit and even wear my hello kitty contact lenses for the event but all of that didn't happened (aside from the hello kitty nails) cause i woke up at 3pm already and i had to take shower, etc, etc.
i was already panicking knowing that the program starts at 4pm and i was still at the house at quarter to four. and to my frustration, it was like i am never going to make it at all because of traffic! it didnt helped that the shortcut to 5th avenue station is closed due to road construction! i was really tempted to get out of the cab and just run to get past the traffic and hail a new cab past the snail moving traffic but that would mean me getting sweat and eww so i had to sit through the traffic and thank goodness arrived at The Block at 30minutes past 4pm.


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