Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new born, coffee, etc...

welcome JC
not much to say except to let the world know that my best friend already gave birth last monday to a healthy baby boy named Jomil Christopher (yeah, i already told her why do they have to combine their names, hehehe) anyway, havent seen the baby yet, but am planning to visit them this saturday. hopefully he got his looks after his mom (yes love your own, sorry emil)

2007 starbucks planner
finally i got my starbucks planner yesterday, its kinda bulky but it looks neat, hopefully it'll be filled up with good memories, hoping for the best this 2007. its not that 2006 was a bad year, it was quite good actually but then you always want to look for better things to come.

starbucks frappuccino are great but still i want to share with you my own special coffee recipe. i usually prepare my own coffee at home coz i want it to taste exactlly how i want it, i dont want it too sweet, i even prefer coffee without cream and i want it scalding hot. anyways this is my usual recipe but instead of adding sugar i top my coffee with marshmallows, the heat of the coffee gently melts the marshmallow giving it a frothy taste. try it and 'm sure you'll love it =)

oh havent i told you yet that i'm addicted to coffee? that coffee is like water to me and i cant live a day without a single cup of coffee? that i drink about 3-5 cups of coffee a day?

Friday, December 15, 2006

hectic weekend!!!

I still have a stress hangover from my busy schedule last weekend, hopefully this coming weekend wont be as hectic but I doubt it coz I still have to do my Christmas shopping for my inaanaks, yes I’m only doing it now and im hoping against hope that the malls wont be packed and there wont be heavy traffic.

To recap my busy weekend:

Friday, Dec. 8, 2006
The office Christmas party
as you guys know we already had our “very early” office Christmas party last Friday, it was ok but not spectacular if you know what I mean, besides I’m still sour graping coz I didnt won at the raffle. But I was quite happy with how I look, gina did a wonderful makeover of me and I really looked like a celebrity (cant help myself posting this beautiful picture of myself) haha juz forgive this camwhore this Christmas season ok.

my beautiful self hehehe
with BD and the president

Saturday, dec. 09, 2006
my bestfriend’s baby shower.
the initial plan was to held it at music21 last December 1 but due to conflicts of schedule we had to changed it, the venue would have been at the mother-to-be house at sta. mesa, but due to the excessive traffic my two friends got a brilliant idea to change the venue instead to DADS at megamall where we pigged out, of course. T’was fun, she got good gifts except that she already have the watch me grow frame from lisa, only consolation is she can hang both the frame in their bedroom and one in the living room, no one’s going to complain hehehe.
look at my bestfriend, she’s sooooo bigggg!

the chips beings serenaded
Sunday, dec. 10, 2006
My niece’s baptismal
The ceremony took place at espiritu santo church, in attendance of course were her parents and the ninongs and ninangs, sans the beautiful tita who’s slaving in the kitchen, as if! Hehe actually I was just frying the lumpiang shanghai =) and as usual I burned my hands while frying. I really liked her baptismal dress; actually that was my baptismal dress! Cool huh, 28 year old dress on a 6month old baby.

sleeping beauty

the 28 year old dress

Thursday, December 14, 2006

hello kitty craze

yes i'm going gaga over hello kitty again, well my fascination with hello kitty never stops really, its just more intensified now that christmas is coming (*hint! *hint to my friends and everyone please give me any hello kitty item) my hello kitty wish list is long that it can circle the globe thrice.

i'm drooling over these items as i'm writing this

and i so want to have a hello kitty necktie, bags, dolls, jewelry, anything you can think of that has hello kitty's face in it. sigh keep on wishing agnes

but just in case you want to make me happy you can check out these shops hehehe

hello kitty by victoria couture


sanrio shop

dream kitty

i am the underdog

watch this beautiful video by lisa loeb "underdog" featuring hello kitty in the background playing the guitar, so cute.

sing along while watching the video

I like things that are so good
You are so, so goodI like you

But I am the underdog
I am the last in line
Don't be the enemy
Don't stand in back of me

Freezing, boring
Wondering where I'll be on my birthday
You kissed me in a dream last night
How could II wouldn't know

Cause I am the underdog
I am the last in line
Don't be the enemy
Don't stand in back of me

Will you be my friend
Now I understand that I more than like you

But I am the underdog
I am the last in line
Don't be the enemy
Don't stand in back of me

I like things that are so good
You are so, so good

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

my celebrity look alikes

hahaha i look like madonna and natalie portman! WOW!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Please don’t ask me

1. for direction. I have lived my entire life in manila but no I don’t know all the roads there is, yeah I’ve been working in makati for like 3 years now but I don’t know where the hell are such and such buildings. So if you’ll gonna ask me for direction, the answer is I don’t know, or if im gonna be brave enough to think that I know that particular place, be prepared to get lost. My sense of direction (or lack of it) is so pathetic. maybe I should wear a placard saying don’t ask for directions, im lost as well.. I cant count anymore how many times I got lost, irregardless if I have a map, I don’t know how to read a map. No matter if you tell me to go this, go left, then right, I’ll always get lost as you see I am already having a hard time trying to remember which is my left and which is my right.

2. for money. I may look like a million bucks but trust me I don’t have money. The stunning clothes im wearing are from ukay believe it or not. i’ve never bought a dress or shirt worth more than 800, why buy expensive stuff if you can buy beautiful stuff at ukay for 3 for 100 only. But as I’ve said I don’t have money, I’m having a hard time making ends meet, I’m just your ordinary working girl living from paycheck to paycheck.

3. about engineering stuff. I have no way of knowing stuff about roads, what does a signaling engineer does, how you're going to make this airport better, I’m not an engineer! I may know a lot of things but it doesn’t mean I know everything.

4. why I’m still single. I don’t know as well, maybe I’m just too picky, self sufficient, independent and loves freedom, or I’m just weird.

5. to stop smoking. It’s my choice and you cant do anything about it. If ever im gonna stop, its because I want to, not because somebody asked me to.

6. why I’m thin. To be honest, I don’t know. But based on my experience, whenever I say I don’t know, people always give me an answer/suggestion as to why im thin, so to stop them from guessing why Im thin I just say that my metabolism is so fast (actually that was one of the suggestion/asnwer that was given to me) why not use that word, it stops them from guessing, and it sounds scientifically cool.

7. why I’m beautiful. I was born a goddess. Don’t get envious now; just love me for being beautiful hahaha.


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