Friday, December 15, 2006

hectic weekend!!!

I still have a stress hangover from my busy schedule last weekend, hopefully this coming weekend wont be as hectic but I doubt it coz I still have to do my Christmas shopping for my inaanaks, yes I’m only doing it now and im hoping against hope that the malls wont be packed and there wont be heavy traffic.

To recap my busy weekend:

Friday, Dec. 8, 2006
The office Christmas party
as you guys know we already had our “very early” office Christmas party last Friday, it was ok but not spectacular if you know what I mean, besides I’m still sour graping coz I didnt won at the raffle. But I was quite happy with how I look, gina did a wonderful makeover of me and I really looked like a celebrity (cant help myself posting this beautiful picture of myself) haha juz forgive this camwhore this Christmas season ok.

my beautiful self hehehe
with BD and the president

Saturday, dec. 09, 2006
my bestfriend’s baby shower.
the initial plan was to held it at music21 last December 1 but due to conflicts of schedule we had to changed it, the venue would have been at the mother-to-be house at sta. mesa, but due to the excessive traffic my two friends got a brilliant idea to change the venue instead to DADS at megamall where we pigged out, of course. T’was fun, she got good gifts except that she already have the watch me grow frame from lisa, only consolation is she can hang both the frame in their bedroom and one in the living room, no one’s going to complain hehehe.
look at my bestfriend, she’s sooooo bigggg!

the chips beings serenaded
Sunday, dec. 10, 2006
My niece’s baptismal
The ceremony took place at espiritu santo church, in attendance of course were her parents and the ninongs and ninangs, sans the beautiful tita who’s slaving in the kitchen, as if! Hehe actually I was just frying the lumpiang shanghai =) and as usual I burned my hands while frying. I really liked her baptismal dress; actually that was my baptismal dress! Cool huh, 28 year old dress on a 6month old baby.

sleeping beauty

the 28 year old dress

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