Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 has been a truly blessed year for me. If 2010 was great, 2011 was even greater! Truly grateful for this year and i am positive that the goodness of 2011 will roll on to 2012.

Wishing everyone hapiness and may God's grace continue to shower upon us.

Welcome 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hello Kitty X Crocs

I never liked Crocs but My addiction with Hello Kitty made me bought a pair. First saw these kawai shoes at edsa shangrila but i have to stop myself from buying that pair last summer because i just bought a trekking shoes (the most expensive shoes i bought in my whole life lol). So i told myself i'll just buy it the following month or when i got the mollah but that didn't happen soon cause hello kitty is so kawai and i bet her fans hoarded and bought every single pair there is. I've been searching for this pair since then from all malls with crocs boutique i ever set foot On but nada.

But the hello kitty demigods were looking down upon me on Christmas day. We were at bonifacio high street and what i thought was just another futile routine when i enetered the shop proved me wrong. I squelled with delight when i saw that crocs at BHS still have them. What a nice christmas gift eh? :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

plug and play

i wish there is a device wherein we just plug it in our temple and it would automatically record and save whatever is in our mind, our thoughts, stories that are begging to be shared and then just upload and play it to share to everyone. wish it is that easy so that whatever i wanna share in this blog is just a click away, with my busy schedule all the stories and pictures i wanna tell is just right here, inside my mind and my memory sticks. somebody please invent that thought capture machine now!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hello Kitty x Forever21

Addition to my hello kitty x forever21 collection. Been running back and forth to forever 21 stores at makati and megamall just to get the items i like. Sana talaga sabay sabay na lang ilabas diba. Still waiting for that dress wala pa rin. And oh i am still waiting for a generous sponsor who would give me the hello kitty scarf as christmas gift. Tia. xoxo

Oh btw the gray top 3/4 sleeve is actually not part of the hello kitty forever21 collab. I just saw it at makati store's kid section. Eh kasya sa akin ang medium so buy ko sya hahaha. And its supposed to be long sleeves since its for kids sana pero 3/4 lang sa akin lol

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hello Kitty meet fail :(

So i was not able to go to the hello kitty meet and greet at moa last sunday :(
I hate being sick. But thanks much for these gifts, they're making me feel better

I dont wanna take meds anymore huhu but i have to be well and in good health for next week. It really sucks if you are sick. And i cant stop coughing :(

Friday, December 02, 2011

A gift of love from hello kitty

Ekkkk mga ka-adik kay hello kitty, here's your chance to meet and greet hello kitty. May chorva sa Mall of Asia tomorrow and on sunday (dec 3 & 4) at 2pm and 5pm. Lots of hello kitty items on sale rin. Gow na :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Do you still remember your high school and college days wherein it seems that every subject you’ve had and every teacher or professor required you to submit essay as a project or an assignment? I even remember that most writing subjects and even history and political subjects would include essay type questionnaires in our examination papers. Sometimes writing those essays were just a breeze but most of the time I ended up scratching my head especially on how to begin my essay. Essay should be informative and fun to read, but I also like essays that pose a question to its reader, but as a student then, I was not very good in writing essays and I am not saying that I am good now in writing essays, far from it but thankfully I have this blog to express myself. But really, I am telling you kids, you’re life are way too easy with Google and the internet at your fingertips. You have an assignment or a research project, essays to write and you just go the internet and practically everything you need is there. That’s why I am envious with students these days that have the internet to turn to for ideas, I said ideas not plagiarizing or copying essays posted online.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

my loot at forever 21 for hello kitty

Yeah ako na ang adik. So i went back last friday at forever 21 megamall anticipating that the whole hello kitty collection is already out only to be disappointed. Mas marami pa ang items nila nun nagpunta ako nun thursday kesa nun official launch nun 18. Dutch why i was very thankful na nagpunta ako nun thursday and bought the red cardigan kasi wala na agad nun friday. Not sure if maraming gaya ko na adik at naubos agad stock nila or tinago. Well anyways i wanted to go to forever 21 makati branch but i have a prior lakad na dinner sa megamall with my ofcmates and i cant drag all of them to makati just so i can get my hello kitty. And to top it nawalan na naman ako ng hello kitty earings huhuhuhu :( it was only when we were sitted at Mannangs and ordered that i realised na nawawala yun hello kitty earings ko. Kalungkot! I've had those earrings for more than 10 years pos nawala lang.

Anyways i had a happy saturday naman. Visited forever 21 in makati and boy im sooo glad that nagsadya akodun. Definitely mas okay talaga yung forever 21 sa makati, store is bigger with more stocks! But it seems hindi pa rin talaga lahat ng hello kitty items eh nakalabas. And ambilis maubos a. Anyways i spotted a very nice black jacket sa manequin but cant find it sa display so i asked the sales guy ubos na raw. Eh i really wanted the jacket so i asked him if pwede ba yun suot na lang ng manequin. keri daw so Gora! as in pinahubad ko yun jacket sa manequin. Hehehehe. Medyo nahirapan tuloy sila hanapan ng kapalit na damit yun hinubadan ko na manequin. See photo below yun asa dulo na naka sweat pants
kasi ang inagawan ko ng jacket

Here's the uber cute hooded jacket na inagaw ko sa manequin. Buti na lang kasya yun sa akin (tsinek ko naman yun siZe bago ko pinahubad sa manequin yun jacket). Anyways it has 2 front pocket and zips all the way through. Onthe right chest meron HK broze studded letter. What won me over though is the huge hello kitty face embroidery at the back. Sorry no picture of the cute face. And the cloth texture is really nice and fits snuggly.

Abother item that i bought. Long back shirt with a kick ass big hello kitty face :-)

Wearing both the jacket and the shirt. I reall wish magkaron or ilabas na lahat ng hello kitty items. Still waiting for that dress and blue long sleeves from the collection. Also i am thinking of getting the scarf. Should i buy it or not?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

thoughts about puerto galera

So these are random thoughts i have or my impressions of puerto galera from a first timer's or galera virgin's point of view

1. Mahalsha! Yup mahal ang bilihin. I was really surprised mas mahal ang bilihin at food sa puerto galera kesa boracay! though mura yun souvenir shirts

2. It seems big but the white beach is short. Sorry thou shall not compare two beautiful place.

3. I love the waves. Mabula bula and not your typical wave na mataas. It seems galing sa ilalim yun wave i dunno how to explain it but its a nice photo opp.

4. And sakit lumakad sa batuhan! Mabato ang beach though pagkalagpas naman smooth na ang buhangin sa dagat. But i enjoyed picking stones for our aquarium. Maganda yun mga bato nya,naturally smooth and circular pang aquarium talaga. Shhh dont tell naguwe ako, wala pa naman 2kilo na bato ang inuwe ko mabigat na ang bagahe ko no heheheh.

5. Limited choice ng restaurant or food or di lang ako nagresearch kun san ba okay.

6. they love gay people and two thumbs up to the bar owners. It seems lahat ng bars dun mostly employ gay. And i just have to add na ang gagabda ng mga muher. Kabog!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello Kitty Collection at Forever 21

Yay! Nakabili na ko ng isang sweater from the hello kitty collection of forever 21. Achuli di ako makatulog kagabi at atat na ko kagabi pa magpunta ng megamall to visit forever21 store kasi nabasa ko sa facebook page nila na may mga items na nga nakalabas even though this 18 or tomorrow pa talaga yun official launch ng hello kitty collection. Kinabahan ako baka maubos agad. Will visit the store again tomorrow to buy yun ibang items na inaabangan ko. :) i know kababawan much but what can i do? I'm addicted to hello kitty!
Will update this post later to post pic of my loot :) sa sobrang excitement ko kanina sa store di ko na napicturan yun mga items na meron na. So if you are reading this now and near a forever 21 store. Gora na. Buy na. Baka maubos :)

Update: here are the photos of my new hello kitty cardigan

Neckline. It comes with extra button :)

Crumpled look. Okay fine, i dunno how to style a cloth for picture hehehe

Cute hello kitty face tag

Hello kitty Print at the back

And the cute pocket with the letter HK and hello kitty face

Friday, November 11, 2011

snap shots from galera

Happy 11.11.11

Happy 11.11.11 everyone. According to astrologists, numerologists, and other kembergists there is wala naman daw meaning ang 11.11.11. Care ko eh maganda tignan sa sulat eh at this date only happens in every thousand years no kaya chorva lang.
Dutch why your pusang gala made plans for 11.11.11 to make it memorable. Peperstaym ang lola nyo sa puerto galera. Wheee! Sa wakas makakapunta na rin ako ng galera. Weird diba ngayon pa lang to think na tiga mindoro ang payrents ko and as a kid ginagawa naming luneta ang bumyahe papuntang calapan hangang sa pinakadulong baryo ng sta brigida. Howell there's always a first time for everything. Here i come puerto galera :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

i'm at a crossroad again and as usual i am having a hard time deciding what course should i take... should i leave or should i stay...i hope the getaway this weekend can help me clear my mind... and finally make the decision... reading what i wrote just now it seems i already made up my mind, i just have to do it... i hope that i am making the right decision...

Friday, November 04, 2011

mani and pedi

it's common knowledge here that i love wearing nail polish, there was even a time that i change my nail polish color every day. yup i am crazy like that *wink* and i love experimenting too in putting my own designs in my nail polish. but anyways, most girls would agree with me that it is a different feeling if you're all dressed up and the topping of it is your nail polish. (if you're looking for a nice nail polish, you should try Julep)

here's a revelation - it was only a few years when i started working that i entered a salon for a mani and pedi service. yes, i have always done it myself and kind of proud of it but as a working girl you tend to have limited time with yourself so i tried getting a service - a manicure and pedicure and it was good, though there were some unfortunate instances that some attendants hurt my feet.  from then on i love going to the salon to have my nails done, then one attendant offered me spa manicure and pedicure and i was like what is that? and then he explained me the procedure and how it works and i've agreed to get that spa manicure and pedicure and oh boy it was heaven. it's like really being pampered to the max and i usually get that especially when i am stressed out.

but these past months i have been too busy even to set an appointment or visit a salon for that much needed mani and pedi service, or even have a spa :( i should put this one on my priority list this weekend. how about you? when was the last time you had a "me" time and pampered yourself in a salon?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

pusa turning tweety

Meow! Yup this pusa is turning tweety.
I decided to give twitter a second chance. I already had a heyokity twitter account before but ended up deleting it just mere hours after creating the account because i sorta 'followed' the wrong people and it felt like all they do in twitter is bash and say bad things about other people. So i decided that i'm not fit for twitter. But then came iOS5. I absolutely love it. So what does updating/upgrading to iOS5 got anything to do with me tweeting again? As you know they built-in twitter in the new iphone OS 5 and anything i click: like pictures, websites, you have an option to tweet it. Very convenient.

So i am now makin chorva at @imbyernangpusa

Follow me :)

dear blog

Dear blog

I miss you much.

I cant believe it's OctOVER! What a busy crazy month it has been. Hello November. Hope you'll be better.

Belated happy halloween to all and all saints day today. Advance merry christmas na rin (pakyawang batian na itey!) ingats sa lahat ng nag-uundas at pabalik ng manila from the long weekend.

And opkors happy birthday to you my dear hello kitty.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

hello kitty marshmallow pop

Uber cute hello kitty marshmallow pop from candy corner. thanks hun :)

Thursday, October 06, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

it is a sad sad day, the world has lost a genius man today.
thank you steve jobs fro the wonderful innovative products you've given us.
may you rest in peace.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

hello kitty at forever 21

its loveeeeee, collab between hello kitty and forever 21 <3

i hope forever 21 philippines will carry these kawaii hello kitty items!!! they will be available on 18 november, gonna camp out at the store then! :)

hmmm should i camp out at makati or megamall forever 21 store? i guess i'll visit both :)

photos from hello kitty junkie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bringing home a bit of the sea

"The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

--Jacques Cousteau


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