Friday, November 04, 2011

mani and pedi

it's common knowledge here that i love wearing nail polish, there was even a time that i change my nail polish color every day. yup i am crazy like that *wink* and i love experimenting too in putting my own designs in my nail polish. but anyways, most girls would agree with me that it is a different feeling if you're all dressed up and the topping of it is your nail polish. (if you're looking for a nice nail polish, you should try Julep)

here's a revelation - it was only a few years when i started working that i entered a salon for a mani and pedi service. yes, i have always done it myself and kind of proud of it but as a working girl you tend to have limited time with yourself so i tried getting a service - a manicure and pedicure and it was good, though there were some unfortunate instances that some attendants hurt my feet.  from then on i love going to the salon to have my nails done, then one attendant offered me spa manicure and pedicure and i was like what is that? and then he explained me the procedure and how it works and i've agreed to get that spa manicure and pedicure and oh boy it was heaven. it's like really being pampered to the max and i usually get that especially when i am stressed out.

but these past months i have been too busy even to set an appointment or visit a salon for that much needed mani and pedi service, or even have a spa :( i should put this one on my priority list this weekend. how about you? when was the last time you had a "me" time and pampered yourself in a salon?

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