Sunday, May 31, 2009


meow everyone... sorry no update for quite ome time from this lazy cat... am still on a siesta... will update soon

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my baby

my baby just arrived...

and i am so happy

meet RJ

the slr that blogging bought :)

my new canon rebel xsi/ canon eos 450D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

photography to the next level

i guess you all know how i love taking photos of anything and anyone... and now i am bringing my love for photography into the next level :) i recently bought canon rebel xsi and i cant wait to test it, i'm so excited learning how to manipulate my new toy, not my dream SLR, which is a canon mark III but still it's an SLR, whihc i always consider a professional camera... can i now call myself professional photographer since i now have SLR? LOL dream on. but one thing is for sure, i need to take photography classes and learn how to use SLR because for the longest time i have been using a point and shoot camera, so i have to learn DOF, exposure, etc. i am actually planning to enroll in one of the photography schools that can fit with my schedule. if i could enroll in New York Institute of Photography, that would be awesome! well i just hope that having this new camera, i'll have better photos :). what i really want to learn is bokeh, well i can sort of do that already in my point and shoot camera but what i want is to be able to capture portraits, i have been struggling making a good portrait shots and i want those poster magazine type pictures where the face of the subject is sharp but the bakcground is blurred, and also i really find black and white photography fascinating, i know there are a lot of things that i still need to learn, but for now i need basic SLR manipulation tutorial, and the rest will follow.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

kulit bulilit is now a lady

you know chelsea right? my kulit bulilit niece who once put thumbtacks inside her nose, in one of her kulit moments

doing her mowdel mowdelan blues, aba eh gusto pa nga nya pumasok sa loob nun square at tumabi sa mga mannequin! ambisyosa! LOL

...and now she's a lady! sows sa pciture lang yan!!! ubod ng maldita at kulit nya pa rin noh! hehehe, wonder what kind of kagagahan she'll do when she turns 3 this june

PS. thanks to the lovely donor of her polka dots dress, yan di na masyadong mukhang dugyot! LOL

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the search for baklang bato

I am calling the attention of the best hair stylist and best hair dresser I’ve known… baklang bato where are you na? so why I am looking for baklang bato? as you know here in pinas we have lots of parlors in every kanto where the hair dressers and stylists are gay, and there is this one particular hairdresser that I like, he’s actually the most sought after hair dresser in our area and even friends of friends who live in neighboring areas and cities comes to his humble parlor sa kanto because he is sooo good at we he does. As in, and I am one person who really doesn’t like to stay long in salons and he is one mean hair cutter who can finish the job in just about 10 minutes but the results are amazing. I have been sporting a long hair for so long and wanted to have a hair cut (been wanting to kaya lang nagkatulong ako sa kasal ng aking friend na si lisa so wait ang drama, argh I still haven’t blog about her wedding hehehe) well anyways, baklang bato is so good - magaan ang kamay nya and hiyang ako sa kanya… but unfortunately the owner of the parlor moved out and the precious baklang bato left as well and we weren’t able to find him again. Waahhhhh so after hunting for baklang bato to no avail, I’ve decided to try one parlorista near our place but chaka ang gupit nya, di ko feel waahhhhh. I sported it for less than a week di talaga kaya ng powers ko. So ang lola nyong maarte try naman ule hanap ng hairdresser, punta ng david’s salon hoping magagaling ang mga chorva dun but ngek arghhh I only paid more for an unsatisfactory haircut arg! And now maigsi na ang hair ko and if I go to the hairdresser again malamang kalbo na ko in a month’s time kakahanap ng matinong gupit. Sigh! Too bad I don’t have a photo of baklang bato baka nakita nyo sya. By the way, why baklang bato? Because kasi he is soooo gay but with a body of a hunk! Tarush diba ang muscle ng lola nyo panalo, daig pa nag gi-gym noh and he’s always pleasant to everybody and always have a ready smile for me pag nakikita nya ako. He’s also a good make up artist, sya gumawa sa akin nun nag-katulong ako sa kasal nun bespren ko, sigh!

Monday, May 04, 2009

hello kitty iPhone theme i want

arg i really really want this hello kitty iPhone theme and i have downloaded the file already but it says here that your iPhone needs to be jailbreak first and then you need to install other stuff in order to change the theme! arg i hate that i am not a technical geek, i could study and and pwede ko karirirn how to jailbreak my iPhone but the thing is meow iPhone is locked with globe with a 1 year warranty but if you alter or install stuff or jailbreak it and something happens to the phone, they will not replace it or whatever... anyone there can help me? or should i wait until december to get this uber cute hello kitty theme?


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