Tuesday, January 08, 2008

cruisin' the pasig river part 2

As promised herewith is the continuation and more photos of my Pasig River Ferry experience

here's what the ferry looks like, so dont raise your eyebrows the ferries are beautiful, ok.

The Pasig River winds generally north-westward for some 25 kilometres and there are 8 major bridges that crosses the river (photos of the bridges below)

here's Jones Bridge which i've photographed and posted in my i heart manila blog here and here.

here's the view of the magnificent post office building as seen aboard the ferry (you can check out the front view here)

the MacArthur bridge, you can see Isettan and Plaza Fair mall in the background and part of the Feati University

i thought that only few ride the ferry but was proven wrong when we reached the quiapo station, lots of passengers from this station as you can see from the photo... btw this is the only station that is not yet rehabilitated as you will see in our next stop... btw that's quezon bridge up there

ayala bridge, sorry bout the image quality of the photos, was taking them still from the inside of the ferry, it was only later when i went out of the deck that i got better photos

you'll also get to see the Hospicio de San Jose... an orphanage i have yet to visit

here's the mabini bridge, having problems taking photos since i'm still at awe trying to digest and look at all these stuff and scenes that are new to me and the ferry's a bit fast for my point and shoot camera

now i dunno what is this building but as soon as i pressed the shutter, a mate approached me and asked me to delete this photo saying "Paki-delete po yung kakukuha nyo lang na picture, andito na tayo sa malacañang bawal po dito." Huwatttttt!!! (Please delete the photo you just took, we're already in the Malacañang vicinity and it is strictly prohibited to take photos here.) Well anyways, i pretended i deleted this photo while he's watching me!

I swear, that is the only bummer about this whole trip! you get to see malacañan palace in all its glory just to be prohibited in taking photos! i was itching to press the shutter because the view is magnificent but all the mates aboard - all three of them - are watching me like a hawk, i think if the captain aint busy navigating the ship he'll be watching me too! and i swear had i move a fraction of my fingers to press the shutter they would have thrown me and i'll be swimming in the pasig river!

no amout of pakyut and pa-charm will work here, i am telling you argh!!! so i scanned this 20 peso bill so you can at least see the malacañan palace! too bad it really looks beautiful, with birds flying... it was surreal. well maybe next time i'll get away in taking some photos :)

after that i decided to go out in the deck for a clearer photo of the river and the scenery. sigh i still can't get over the fact that i wasnt able to sneak a photo of the palace!

yeah, i was hesitant to go out in the deck thinking that the river might stink but surprisingly, it's not. maybe the weather was so good when we took the ride, or they have done a great job rehabilitating the river. kudos to their efforts!

here's PUP station, most of the station looks decent huh

more photos, i think we're approaching sta ana here (sorry im not good in remembering places)

see that bridge, dunno what it is but it has a tunnel of LPG or gas

oil depot area, another ferry going back to escolta

of course there still the shanties along the river, and most people shouted at me and want their photos taken ... as if they can see the photos besides they're just a speck in here. i cant post all the photos here but most people if you look closer are waving in the photo :) true blue pinoys loving the camera eh?

another shot at the oil depot, kinda scary there are houses near these menacing tanks

am not sure what this building was but i love it ... im a sucker when it comes to old and ruined buildings

here's sta. ana station

i was surprised to see these small boats, learned that they transfer passengers from the other side back and forth, dunno what this area is... anyone who knows?

dunno what this bridge is.. again! all i know is that it has a big tube for water with a big maynila water signage in the bridge

lambingan station... have heard of a lambingan bridge as well, hmmm dunno why it was called such, didnt see anyone being chummy in here though

approaching makati area

the makati city hall ... standing proud and tall

this is the guadalupe bridge/MRT

this is our stop. i know i said the last station is at kalawan, pasig but we decided to stop here.

well we're worried that we'll get hungry :) if we go the last station and take the same route back home. and i really do get hungry when aboard a ship/boat... can i just say i love riding boats rather than airplanes.

see my nephew, he got really hungry and we have to grab a bite at jollibee guadalupe. hope you enjoyed the ride and get to experience the Pasig River Ferry tour.

once again, I highly recommend this tour to everyone, try it and experience the ride. The Pasig River ferry runs from Intramuros - Plaza Mexico, Manila to Kalawaan Pasig. There are 12 ferry stations along the pasig river stretch. It is open daily, first boat leaves at 6AM. You get to travel in safety and it is comfortable, the best thing about it is that there’s no traffic – you can be at Guadalupe from Escolta in just 55 minutes. The ferry departs every 30minutes. Regular fare: minimum of P20.00 to maximum of P45.00

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Anonymous said...

Good deal...PHP45 for a Pasig River cruise! Do you get a discount for a roundtrip ticket? Why is the taking of Malacanang photo from a distance forbidden? Thanks for the posted pics, parang bumiyahe na rin ako sa Pasig river ferry.

GingGoy said...

i already have several posts about the pasig river ferry but i'm waiting for the napindan terminal to be finished.any update on that one? i can't find any phone number for it also.there's also guided tour there I joinedlast year with ambeth ocampo. search my blog for my series there.too bad you also didn't see the lighhtouse :P

e kung magkasabay tayoikaw makikilala ko,ako hindi.makita mona lang picture mo sa blog ko hehe

Anonymous said...

grabe, this is a great ride. okay lang kaya kung kasama ko mga makukulit kong little kengkays? pag nanakita kasi sila ng tubig ang gusto nila gawin tumalon agad e. ano sa tingin mo? o kaya i date ko na lang si kengkoy...

JayDJ said...

How long does it take by car or public transport from Guadalupe to Escolta in comparision with the 55 minute boat ride ?

Yeah, pics of Malacanang are forbidden at any angle for security reasons. Though if I remember correctly, you can take a pic of malacanang if only there is someone in the picture alongside.

I've been to Sta Ana a few months back to attend a wake and it was nearby the river. I saw the people being transported from one side to the other of the river. It's a shorter distance daw than to walk to the bridge then cross the river. Plus, there are Sta Ana-Kalentong jeeps around the corner when you cross via boat.

carlotta1924 said...

so that's how pasig river looks like in the daylight. gabi kasi kami sumakay ng friend ko eh hehehe.

lambingan bridge is over san juan river (na nagmistula nang kanal sa baho at itim..), just past UERM if you're going to san juan. i haven't sighed any lovers there, though lol

thanks for the tour! =)

pusa said...

@bertn - oh i didn't asked if you can get a discount, will ask next time... the usual standard answer they give me is "for security reasons"

@tutubi - waahhhh andaya mo amf! :) hmmmm who is ambeth ocampo? talaga there's a light house? better look for it when i try this ride again. no there's no napindan in the list of stations... gotta look for the brochure i have and willgiv eyou the number

@kengkay - uyyyy date with kengkoy at the river pasig :)

@jaydj - hmmmm am not sure how long it'll take via the usual road route. i just hope pumayag sila next time makunan un malacanang kahit puro mukha ko lang makita :)

so, sta ana nga pala un area na un! thanks :) hmm wonder how much they're charging for the "tawid ilog"

@carlotta - i wanna try it at night as well, ganda siguro nun lights sayang di ko to nadiscover nun christmas time!

LOL lovers din lage hanap ko when i see or hear lambingan eh, pero bigo ako lage :)

Anonymous said...

Wow pusa would love to try this trip pag uwi ko jan! Really didn't know that this is open to public! Awesome shots as usual! btw, am putting up anotherphotoblog & will be listing it to dailyphoto as well,still working on it pa naman;)

Anonymous said...

Ano ba gamit mo to take pics, cam talaga o digital cam o cellphone? Ako kasi kung meron akong gustong kunan na ayaw ko pahalata, take lang ako ng take from my cellphone...tsambahan kung ano magandang kuha...kaso ang ingay (meron bang shutter ng cellphone na walang tunog?) kaya it only is applicable sa maiingay na lugar para hindi halata.

Unknown said...

During a Malacanang tour (a few months after Tita Cory became president), we were told that the walls of the palace facing Pasig River are 'bullet-proof'.:D Scanning a 20 peso bill is a funny idea...Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

pusa said...

@cheh - tnx, i'll wait for u sa dp community :)

@c5 - am using a digicam, nilabas ko nga un cellphone ko para un sana gamitin ko kaso talagang tinabihan ako nun bantay!!! walang kawala! LOL

anyways sa cp you can set it sa settings para walang sound un shutter

pusa said...

@luna - wow nakapag-tour ka na sa malacanan! bullet proof naman pala eh bakit bawal pa din hahahha... tsaka there were guards dun sa palasyo around 4 military men yata un bantay dun.

hehehe frustrated ako kc di ko na-capture un kagaya sa 20bill, kaya i scanned it :)

Anonymous said...

I never knew that there was a ferry service; if I did I would have taken a ride on it a year ago! Gah.

But anyway, interesting photos ... Hehehe.


Beng said...

mukhang malinis na ang pasig ah. bago ako umalis diyan way back 1883 eh halos patay na ang ilog na yan.

sige maki cruise din ako sa pasig. na intriga ako sa mga nakita ko :).

thanks for sharing inday pusa.

Beng said...

pusa, paki korek nga ng 1883. 1983 dapat yan eh :D

thanks in advance. muahhs!

Anonymous said...

alam mo pede kang gawing endorser ng ferry na ito heheheh...

Anonymous said...

uy dumaan ka pla malapit sa amin. We live in Pandacan kasi. :) Pumupunta rin kami sa ilog minsan, pag nakikita namin dumarating yun ferry, kumakaway kami, hahaha! Nakalimutan ko na magkano yung fare sa small boat ng Pandacan-Sta. Ana, tagal ko na kasi di sumasakay dun, cguro around 5 pesos na ngayon. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sir!

We would like to ask your permission about linking this blog article to our blog site. We are from Philippine Science HS Main Campus and we are currently doing our project about protecting and conserving water, especially on the Pasig River, and your blog article would be of great help.

We hope you will consider this..
~some students from Pisay Main..:D

Mrs. Myrrh said...

Hi there!
May we request permission to use some of these photos for a story called 50 Things to Do in Manila?
Of course we will credit you properly.
What name shall we put?
Thanks so much

Myrza Sison


pusa said...

hi myra, sure you can use the photos here, you can just put it under my blog name or pusa thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

may i know your contact for the pasig river cruise? i read somewhere of a river cruise with ambeth ocampo as the tour guide. please enlighten me on this. thanks.

Unknown said...

nice pics ha!!! i have been meaning to try this out, really... might be able to do so tomorrow.. haha i hope so :)

san maganda mag iwan ng car(parking if ever) para mag ferry boat ride kami.

please visit us at:http://themeatgallery.blogspot.com/


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