Friday, January 25, 2008

follow no rules

the only sensible way to live in this world is without rules
warner brother's paid tribute to heath's death, they updated "Joker's" site by putting in the black ribbon

in case you don't know yet, heath ledger plays the Joker in the upcoming batman movie The Dark Knight, his last film...if you visit the movie's official website, they also made a proper tribute to heath

6 meow:

malen said...

mare, affected ka talaga...parang kamuka sya ni baron geisler

pusa said...

hahaha pang in-between rin yan! ;)

Sidney said...

Follow no rules?

Too young to die.

Joy said...

Feeling ko kikita yan nang malaki!

It's just so funny he didn't create that much commotion when he was alive, and now loads of people seem to be affected by his passing. Odd.

Happy weekend, Agnes!

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sasha said...

I still feel sad when read something about him... sayang talaga sya.

Anyway, happy weekend pusang maganda! :)

Rey said...

Heath's death is such a waste. Another talent down the drain becasue of drug abuse.


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