Sunday, January 27, 2008

jollibee's soldiers

my super kulit pangkins playing around with jollibee bucket, putting anything and everything inside then keep on running back and forth... after a while CK put the bucket on his head and made it a hat, and so our mischievous Chelsea followed her brother and together they march around the house to our delight!

and my old pangkins wouldnt want to get over shadowed by those two little rascals, they waited for CK and Chelsea to get tired of playing with the buckets and they wear the "hats" too. i swear these kids really love jollibee!!! (well so am i hehehe)

4 meow:

Lena said...

adorable! alam mo sikret lang ha..tuwangtuwa ako pag nakakapag paiyak ako ng bata...hehehehe

Anonymous said...

They're so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

apat pa lang yan...pangkin ko 13 sila pag kumpleto sila sabahay isipin mo na lang gaano kagulo :P

Maru said...

hala! yung little boy na walang jabi hat, tumitira!!! amp! ano yan? singhot-rugby? hahaha!


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