Sunday, January 06, 2008

cruisin' the pasig river

T’was Saturday afternoon when I decided to go to escolta riverside for a photoshoot, tagged along my brother and nephew with me. After walking and taking photos of the stretch (which made me wonder why the beautification of this place didn’t pushed thru, it would have been a very nice place to stroll) I saw the ferry that crosses the pasig river.

Gabriel doing the customary asian pose =)


Seems that the ferry was waiting for us to experience the ride along pasig river and we heed her call and decided to embark on a journey and try the boat ride just for the heck of it afterall we’re just planning to hit the mall after the photoshoot. And boy we never regretted the decision, a wonderful experience to travel by boat in the metropolis! My imagination was running haywire going back centuries ago when the river was still pristine. I’ll post more photos tomorrow, my internet connection is so slow right now.

our boarding pass

the captain's pit

Here's what the ferry looks like inside, the ferry is airconditioned and there's TV to keep you entertained if you're not interested in sight seeing

I highly recommend this tour to everyone, try it and experience the ride. The Pasig River ferry runs from Intramuros - Plaza Mexico, Manila to Kalawaan Pasig. There are 12 ferry stations along the pasig river stretch. It is open daily, first boat leaves at 6AM. You get to travel in safety and it is comfortable, the best thing about it is that there’s no traffic – you can be at Guadalupe from Escolta in just 55 minutes. The ferry departs every 30minutes. Regular fare: minimum of P20.00 to maximum of P45.00

No this is not a paid post. *;)

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sasha said...

I didn't know na may ganitong ferry ride. I will try this one nga :)

Happy New Year, my dear pusang maganda! :)

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

curious lang, di ba masangsang sa ilong yung river o nalinis na talaga sya?

Amadeo said...

This certainly is good information. Will try it when we get the chance during our visits.

Re esteros emptying into Pasig, are there any signs of any dredging being done to make those narrow waterways navigable?

It is good to also see the back of Escolta looking very good.

joy-joy said...

kung masangsang man, blue, hindi rin naman siguro maamoy once andun kana sa loob ng ferry kasi sarado naman at airconditioned. :D

pusa, ano yung entrecard?

pusa said...

@sasha - yeah please try this, ok na experience :)

@bluep - yep joyjoy is correct, and kahit nun lumabas kami ng ferry... wala naman amoy, ok kc un weather, not sure pag tag-ulan :)

@amadeo - thanks for dropping by, every pinoy should try this at least once, ok talaga sya. yes they are serious in the pasig rehabilitation :)

@joy-joy korek ka jan, entrecard un andun sa sidebar ko, sign-up ka dun dagdag traffic :)

carlotta1924 said...

my friend and i rode that early last year, march ata. mas mura pa nun ang bayad kaso lang nakalimutan ko na eh hehehe. napagtripan lang din namin sumakay dun from escolta to guadalupe =) parang freezer ang lamig dun noh?

Snap Catch said...

wow! dunno this ... this a good start! sana nga maalagaan siya... hehehe ganda done with the tag already in my other blog... please add me too.

Joy said...

Of course it's not a paid post! :D Thanks for sharing this and it sounds like something Thom and I would enjoy.

Thanks for visiting Your Love Coach and leaving your footprints behind. Do visit again!

The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo
Your Love Coach

Thess said...

may ferry ride pala dyan? what's more, yan pala intramuros? ha ha ha, I'm not kidding! never been there..oh craaapp!

I must see more of my country the next time I visit..pasyal mo me, tita P? (^0^)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sasakay din ako diyan pag-uwi ko. Tamang-tama, pagkatapos mamasyal sa intramuros diretso na rin ng mall. Salamat sa pag-share nito. :)

luna miranda said...

I haven't tried this ferry ride yet but I'm sure it's a more confortable trip than a commute from Guadalupe to Escolta. Pasig River is smelly during the summer months...but if you're living in Pinas, what's a little funky odor compared to hours of traffic? :D

Bryan Anthony the First said...

meron pla nito
ma try nga pag nakauwi

kyels said...

Eeeks! I ought to put that into my itinerary when I fly over to Pinas again ... Heehee.

Will be waiting for the photos!

Marjie said...

well, it seemed like the river is looking better than I remember. Loads of props for those who were asked to take care of it. I guess improvement is possible afterall.

Webster Twelb said...

di ko alam na meron pla this safe???

Gusto kong i-try wowowowowowowow.


reyna said...

Now this is NEWS to me! i didn't know na me ferry ride dyan! di ba mabaho ang pasig river?

Abad said...

oh, lagi ko 'tong nakikita. Salamat sa info.

maLen said...

lagi ko to nakikita whenever i go to TAFT...pero di ko knows na parang public transpo na pala sya dun. thanks for sharing this. kung sana fantastic yung view and sobrang linis, patok sana to sa tourist. uyy day, kelan tayo kita...i have a gift. picturan ko na lang muna..hehhe

Petra said...

Wow, ang ganda ng mga photos sis. I didn't know Pasig have a good view. Thank you for this information sis ha.

pusa said...

@carlotta - really? since last year i only learned about it last week hehehe yeah it was cold

@snap-catch - thanks for doing the tag, hahah so you've created a new blog just for tags! LOL

@joy - a must on your next visit ;)

@thess - will surely do give you a tour my dear :)

@kiko - no problem, i promis you wont regret it :)

@luna - quite right! :)

@bryan - welkam to my blag, please do try this.

@kyels - write it down kyels hehehe hey i thought you're busy cramming for the exams? LOL

@webster twelb - yes it is safe, sorry di ko makonek un zaido?

@marjie - yeah kudos to them for rehabilitating the river

@abad - no prob, oh isa ka pa, diba review ka rin dapat? hahahaha

@reynz - hehehe bago rin sa akin to, good thing the river aint stinky when i rode the ferry :)

@malen - hahahha mare sige kelan ba kc kayo pd?

@petra - no prob sis, para sa ikauunlad ng pilipinas hahahaha

ruthie said...


Parang naalala ko tuloy bigla yung my bestfriends wedding...sweet!


Anonymous said...

naku, ako din, sasakay din dyan, pramis. mabuti naman at na maintain pala nila yang project na yan ano.


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