Sunday, January 20, 2008

wannabe charlie's angel

remember the scene in charlie's angels: full throttle wherein cameron diaz rode a mechanical bull to distract the bad guys? she was so cute in that movie and it seemed like riding a bull is sooooo easy. well it aint easy im tellin' yah

saw a mechanical bull at metrowalk and you shouldn't dare me to try and ride one, i'm one freakin' gal who doesnt back out from a dare! so i tried it besides i thought it looks easy =)

so here i am getting ready to tame the red bull. you only have to pay 45pesos to ride one and to earn a stuff toy you have to last 80 seconds on top of the bull, holding the rein with just one hand and the other hand up in the air. sounds easy eh?

just getting on top of the bull is hard already, the bull is sooo slippery and fat! and i dont even look cute here, struggling to stay on top... how the heck cameron diaz able to hang on to the bull and made it look so easy i dunno? its so freakin hard not to slip!
well i lasted for 14 seconds only!!!! trying so hard here but still fell. i suggest you try this peeps, it's cool and i bet you wouldnt last 20seconds on top of the bull!

TIP: wear shorts if you're going to try this, it'll be less slippery. am planning to do this again but i'll wear short shorts next time, and i'll have that stuff toy! LOL (lakas ng fighting spirit ko!)

7 meow:

Snap Catch said...

lol! it seems you'd enjoy the ride...

Snap Catch said...

nga pala I have tagged for you, please visit me if you get some time...

Lena said...


i wanna try that!!! ansayaaaaaa


Webster Twelb said... time cguro makukuha mo na ung stuff toy..g'luck!

pusa said...

@pretty - yes i did! and i really plan on doing it again and last 80 seconds on top! thanks for the tag kelangan ko yan hahaha

@malen - go girl masaya pramis! :)

@webster12 - i'm pretty sure about it, kakaririn ko un! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I've seen this bull somewhere in Makati. In one of the restaurants but I cannot remember which. Before I headed towards Absinthe we (my friend and I) went to this grill-bar to have a cuppa and I saw a similar bull to this. I hope my memory is still intact with what I saw. Haha!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! ANSAYAAA HAHAHA! parang andyan akoo! hahahaha


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