Wednesday, January 16, 2008

blog archiving

was tagged by the black mamba to go through my archive and and choose five favorite posts about my family, friends, myself, something I love and lastly, one of my choice.

kinda difficult to just select five from my rusty and cobwebbed archive so here's my fave list (not in particular order)

i tagging three of my favorite people in the blog world reynz, jojitah, and malen (gawin nyo noh, pang inbetween rin yan!)

7 meow:

Black_Mamba said...

I loved the 'flying' pose, este post hehe. You looked so cute in it too :)

Thanks for responding :)

pusa said...

hi ivy, hehehe natagalan ng onti un tag =)

salamat cute talaga ko kahit di lumilipad! LOL

Anonymous said...

tenchu agen my dear. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha! sinabi mo! plus yong ki cheh which means, dalwang PPP tooo! hahhahaha! thank you!

actually, i like this meme, i do have favorites na mga sinulat ko, isa na dun yong scandal hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Uy! ginawa ko na! thanks ever! Premiere mamaya, alas ocho senyo nang umaga. HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Hot pa rin ang tagging:)

sadako said...

hahaha. kala controversial tag din. asus nag-twist lang pala ang reyna haha.

I was tagged by renz, I don't know when to post it. haven't wrote it yet.


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