Friday, May 30, 2008

i am unique

i am not perfect
never have been
never will be
but i am unique

Thursday, May 29, 2008

i think i'm paranoid

I think I'm paranoid
And complicated
I think I'm paranoid
Manipulate it

Bend me, break me
Anyway you need me
All I want is you
Bend me, break me
Breaking down is easy
All I want is you

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

save the children

this is sooo sad and it makes me really angry! the people whom you thought can help you are actually the people who can and will abuse you! feels like there's no one to turn to...

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Humanitarian aid workers and United Nation peacekeepers are sexually abusing small children in several war-ravaged and food-poor countries, a leading European charity has said.

Children as young as 6 have been forced to have sex with aid workers and peacekeepers in return for food and money, Save the Children UK said in a report released Tuesday. - read more

Monday, May 26, 2008

an affair with a D.O.M

confessions of a cat

i have a confession to make... it's hard for me to let it out in the open and tell it all, but yes - i did have an affair with a Dirty Old Man (D.O.M)!

he showered me with gifts like this golden shoes

taught me how to wine and dine with the elite

he loved me and i loved him in return... but things didnt worked out between us...

the end of the fairy tale....

it seems that there really have no happy endings...
i found out that he loves men!!!! as in madami pala syang boylet waaaaaaaaa.

Leche ang ganda ng lola nyo, pramis ang dami naghahabol sa kanya, mapatext mapa-email, kabog ang kagandahan ko!!!! pag naglalakad kami, shet sa kanya nakatingin ang tao at sa kumikininang nyang koronaaaa waaaaaa!!!

LOL! i love you reynz! i miss you and thank you for everything and all the wonderful moments we've shared together!!!

hahaha ang maniwala dito fanget!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

happy birthday chuva

happy birthday to you my dearest chuva, may all your dreams and wishes come true (sorry i cant fulfill one of your wishes na magkaron ng boylet na ritchie rich, wa ako kilala ganun eh but i'll keep you in mind pag nakakita ako). so happy na nakilala kita and i really cant wait to see you in person :) thanks sa treat hehehe we (my byutifool self, your beast friend, and malen) had fun and enjoyed celebrating your birthday! mwahhh. hope you'll have a blast later, wag lang magpariwara :)

juiceko mama, nahirapan ako sa assignment mo! LOL but, subalit, because mahal kita, kinilala ko ang iyong patron saint na si Sta. Rita. (di kaya ako masunog nito mama? *wink*) battered wife ka ba? i hope not!!!

luv ya!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ambassador hello kitty

wow! hello kitty, the cutest cat in the world, is named Japan tourism ambassador!

hmmm very nice, wonder how it feels to be a hello kitty mascot =)

TOKYO - Hello Kitty — Japan's ubiquitous ambassador of cute — has built up an impressive resume over the years. Global marketing phenom. Fashion diva. Pop culture icon. Now the moonfaced feline can add "government envoy" to the list. The tourism ministry on Monday named Hello Kitty as its choice to represent the country in China and Hong Kong, two places where she is wildly popular among kids and young women. - read full story here

the sweetest thing

finding love in the most unexpected place, in the most unexpected time, and falling in love with the most unexpected person has created havoc in my heart, my mind, and my soul... but finding you made me happy and you are the sweetest thing that has happened in my life...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

a kiss

hmmm it has been a while since i last posted a meme, time to start 'em again =)
got this kissable tag from pretty , thanks gurl

i haven't worn any lipstick for quite some time now but i do always put on lip balm coz i have chappy lips and it hurts specially when it gets a bit cold... i love body shop's born lippy - watermelon.

"Kissable" Tag Procedure:

1. Post a picture of yourself wearing your favorite colored lipstick.
2. Tag two or more bloggers.
3. And don’t forget to link the blogger who tagged you!

and i am kissing the beautiful reyna elena, malen, chuva, manay beng, joy, and mommy kengkay


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i'm jealous

If I were the moon, I could catch your eye--I'm jealous of the moon
If I were the wind, I would make you fly--I'm jealous of that too

I wish I were the sun shining on your face--caressing like a lover
I would wrap you in a warm embrace--we'd be holdin' one another
(I'm jealous of the sun) I'm jealous of the sun
(Jealous of the sun) Oh, I'm jealous of the sun

Oh, I don't wanna share you with nothing else--I gotta have you to myself
Oh--I can't help it--I'm so in love--I just can't get you close enough, no

When the sun's on your skin-- I can't hold it in
And I know it's a sin-- but I'm jealous of the sun

I wish I were the rain runnin' down your neck--and drippin' from your fingers
Then I could be the drops rollin' off your back--I'd love to let it linger
(Jealous of the rain) Oh, I'm jealous of the rain

When it rains on your face-- I almost can taste
Your beauty, your grace-- I'm jealous of the rain

When the wind's in your hair-- the way it blows through the air
Oh, it's seems so unfair, yeah

When the moon's in your eyes-- you seem to light up the skies, yeah
And I realize-- I'm even jealous of the moon

me at davao?

im sooooo inggit sa santacruzan ng reyna with her constantino and the julalay at davao with the ever beautiful manay beng, that's why sumunod ang lola nyo sa kanila!

habol habol ang pusa sa swimming at scuba diving galore...

..... in my dreams nga lang!

hoy kayong tatlo, pasalubong ko ha! :D

Friday, May 09, 2008

for you

I am afraid to love, and yet I love you.
My fear is like a wall I walk right through.
The wall is there, and yet it doesn't stop me.
I need it still, and yet I still need you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the end

the ribbon has dried up, my hands are numb and my mind is already full of cobweb... so i am once again leaving the world of blogging to find life's meaning....

sus charing lang! =D

Sunday, May 04, 2008

bisita iglesia at batangas

ok i know this post is sooo late err so early for next year but whatever, i just feel like posting my 1st bisita iglesia experience last holy friday. Yeah sa tinanda kong to nun lang ako nakapabisita iglesia... and now, i know the purpose of those tiny station of the cross posted in every church!!! hehehehe kala ko dati display lang yun mga un at required lang lahat ng simbahan maglagay ng ganun! toinks!!! pasensya na tao lang err pusa pala =)

i dont consider myself a religious person but i love churches even though they all look the same(especially old churches), actually my hard disk space is already full of church photos. anyways i'll just share with you the churches we visited at Batangas, yep we traveled the whole of batangas for the bisita iglesia (from lemery to lipa to nasugbu)

Station 1: Sta Teresita Church - Sta. Teresita, Batangas

of course our first station of the cross is the nearest to my cousins place, no photos of the church, i wasnt planning to take pictures but my cousins asked me to take some pictures

Station 2: Parokya ng Immaculada Concepcion, Mahal na Poong Krus - Bauan, Batangas

Church of Bauan - The Parish of Bauan was administered by the Augustinians from 1596 to the end of 19th century. The church built in the 18th century, remodeled and improved in the 19th century was destroyed by fire on July 13, 1928. The eminent botanist, Father Blanco, was pastor of this church from 1816 to 1828. The museum of natural history and the library of rare books collected by Father Bravo were destroyed during the insurrection of 1898.

according to inyag maring this church is like the twin church of that in Alitagtag (which we also visited), both church have the miraculous "mahal na poon" as its patron saint.

Station 3: San Pascual

Station 4:
Basilika Menor ng Immaculada Concepcion

First erected under the supervision of Father Diego Mojica of Calapan, Mindoro on 1581 and was dedicated to the Immaculate Concepcion De Nuestra SeƱora. The first stone foundation was built on 1601, the parish priests built the 2nd the church between 1682-1721. In 1963, an artillery was added to help protect the church from corsairs. After 179 years, the church was rebuilt by Father Pedro Cuesta on 1851, the church celebrated its 100 years on 1957.

i love the facade of this church, but as ive said churches look the same

Station 5:
Archdiocesan Glorious Cross - Batangas

this a pretty new church, just beside the SM Batangas

Station 6: San Jose Church - Batangas

this church was built around 1788, the foundation of this town formerly known as malaquing tubig dates back to 1765. the church was built by the famous botanist father blanco

when we got here we thought the church was closed coz the crowd were just outside the church, but then we found out that they're doing a senakulo. the church is quite big and impressive, reminds me of the taal church.

Station 7: San Vicente Ferrer - Banay Banay, Batangas

dont know much about this church, but we saw again those bikers doing their own bisita iglesia in this church

Station 8:
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church - Lipa, Batangas

Built in 1948, famous for pilgrims and is known for the miraculous shower of petals to a visionary nun after world war ii

you can even write a wish or something and i think the nuns reply to your letter, they also have this beautiful image of the lady of mediatrix of all grace

Station 9: Lipa Cathedral, San Sebastian - Lipa, Batangas

the parish of lipa was administered by the augustinians from 1605 to the end of 19th century. lipa which was located near bombon lake was destroyed by the eruption of the taal volcano in 1754 but was reconstructed at the present site. this church was built under the supervision of Rev. Benito Varas, parish priest from 1865 to 1894. the diocese of lipa was created by pope pius x on april 10, 1910.

been passing this cathedral everytime we visit batangas but this is the first time i get inside the church and i'm impressed!

Station 10:
San Isidro Labrador - Cuenca, Batangas

the church at the foot of the mountain were pilgrims usually hike up to visit the groto at the mountain during holy week, i think they call it banal na bundok, not sure though

Station 11: Mahal na Poon krus - Alitagtag, Batangas

i think we have tons of relatives who lives nearby this church, proof the lola with us saw a kamaganak when we visited the place, besides i distinctly remember this church as the source of those crucifix that most of my clan have, or most batangenos i think have this crucifix... i lost mine decades ago.

Station 12: Taal Church, basilica of saint martin de tours

Reputed to be the largest in Asia, Taal Church stands 96 meters long and 45 meters wide on a plateau in the heart of Taal. it was first erected on 1575 by father diego espina. The Augustinian Missionaries started construction in 1756, and it took a century for the church to achieve its present form. It was destroyed in the Taal volcano eruption in 1754, rebuilt in 1755 but the again destroyed by the earthquake in 1849. the present church was designed by architect luciano oliver in 1856

my favorite church! never fail to visit this whenever im at batangas

Station 13: San Roque - Lemery, Batangas

Station 14: Caleruega - Nasugbu, Batangas

this is a very beautiful place and if you want peace and solitude, a time to reflect... i highly recommend this place, though its much better to visit the place on an ordinary day, coz when we went there the place is sooo crowded. will do a separate post for this church (hmmm kelan naman kaya ako sipagin to post it hehehehe) i fyou want you can see more photos in my album, just click here)


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