Thursday, October 30, 2008

the one who owns the mysterious shoe

meet the one who owns the mysterious shoe - none other than the queen!!! i was really shocked when i saw that shoe in his car, for one i know that he's not going out with girls aside from me and malen (her majesty's ceremonial chorvaleys) so that shoe belonging to a girl is way out of the question. besides she doesn't date gurls noh! its against her religion haller! after a while, i throw an accusing look at reynz and using my miss tapia voice i said, "what the heck is this shoe doing here? i though you dont wear women stuff, and when i mean women stuff that included women shoes!!!" the queen just then smiled and laugh maniacally and suddenly her crown turned into this redish thingy! dang the queen in drag, no way!!! am sure tita mega will scream like a banshee if she finds this out! LOL

PS. that shoe really belong to one of reynz friends :) and no that friend aint me, haller puro licensed to kill ang shoes ko noh! hehehe

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the mysterious shoe

the mysterious shoe that i found in a car... hmmm anyone knows who own this golden shoe?

Monday, October 27, 2008

digital filipino event

i was tasked by her royal highness to accompany her at the biggest social climbing event in manila last saturday night organized by ms. jannette toral of digital filipino club held at the Forum Hall of PAGCOR.

had fun meeting fellow bloggers and was able to practice some social climbing lessons learned from the queen, pero shy talaga ako sa totoong buhay kaya di ako lapit sa iba na andun, pero it's really nice to see the faces behind blogs that you read and encounter diba.

finally met FatherlYours who even gave me a discount card sa Zenco, thanks a lot :) oh diba! who also introduced me to Father Blogger kaya lang wala kaming picture.

shared the table with this wacky trio (vin, tonyo, chris) with teacher gladys

class piktyur syempre :) reynz, moi, chris, edric, tonyo and gladys

among those i met are snow, analyn jusay, gary viray, bloggista, sonnie , cristina ... too bad we didnt know that we can get a gate pass for our cameras kaines talaga kaya end na nung event kami nagkaron ng pictures! better luck next time!!!

reynz and my appetite are so big that's why nag-CPK pa kami sa makati after the event, and touchfulness naman ako sa lola dahil hinatid pa ko door to door kahit lipad sya ng maaga kinabukasan.

till the next social climbing chorva people :D

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

anone hakone

my friend and i went out last tuesday night to celebrate our friend's birthday and che was lusting over teriyaki boy so we had our dinner with this cross eyed boy.
im not really into japanese cuisine and sushis are a big no no for me but i think im turning japaneshia LOL
my friend che, waiting to be eaten by the cute shrimp
just for kicks we ordered california maki, its only my 2nd time to eat this stuff and i cant believe that its been a year since i last tasted this california maki. i have always been pressured by friends and colleagues to try this maki that and maki this but i just really cant eat raw fish and vegetables, and whenever i tried to eat california maki before i always spit it out because most japanese food joints include cucumber/pipino in it. dutch why i liked or i was able to enjoy teriyaki boy's california maki, it only have ripe mango and crab, no veggies just the way i like it aha.
and i ordered the usual stuff, told yah im not into japanese foods! i only order katsudon or ebi tempura whenever i do eat japanese food
after having dinner we had a couple of san mig light at pier one... we do really sometimes feel guilty drinking at this place, we like stay there till the wee hours and our bill is so mura, as in always. so if you like to get drunk go to pier one for cheap alcohol intake :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

feeling photographer

i'm so happy with my new camera and i immediately tried all its settings and special scene mode. i am loving the color accent and color swap mode of this canon sd1100. the above photo wasnt manipulated in photoshop, i love how the color accent emphasized the color green and made the red flower look like a black in color, while the color swap mode made the background of the color green subtle and made the red more vibrant. heheheheh feeling photographer nyahahahahahha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

art auction event

ok i can breath now but forgive me if im still grinning like a silly cat... anyways i can now properly blog about the Art and Auction Cocktails event that i went to last thursday, it was held at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. it was a special invite from Jing and Roanna of Nuffnang Philippines (thanks guys it was nice meeting both of yah). In fairness they are bringing billboards to the next level and i really liked the idea. organized by 2nd medial communications, a non-stock, non profit organization which aims to promote awareness that billboards are channels for communication and not just tools for advertising.

i was like wow shusyal, an art and auction event! but i am an art connoisseur just like mi amiga malen, art is not new to me... im an artist noh LOL. meet up with reynz, malen, and mitchie sa ibaba ng fully booked, err dun pala sa tapat ng kenneth cole (magshopping sana ang lola reynz kaso dumating na ako, di na nabayaran un shoes na nagustuhan!) heniways after chika chika, lafang agad ang mga lola, parang PG (free ang food eh hehehe) and yum i love the lasagna!

see, feelingera ang mga lola, but i was really eyeing the blue abstract painting, i liked it. actually reyna elena nga already wrote 15k check to make sure me ma-bid syang art noh.

*in a kris aquino tone* shucks i love to attend blog events na! free food, freebies, and best of all we got some mullah. hay life is beautiful (hmmm gosh feels like im one big freeloader LOL - wapakels)

and the event was just a tip of the iceberg noh, after that we had a wine drinking session at Brava till the wee hour and the rest is history! :D

it's fun rin pala to attend this kind of event, its like bloggers EB on a larger scale. also met chickenmafia and lizz. but one big lesson i learned and mastered from reyna elena - KEEP THE SOCIAL CLIMBING ALIVE!

PS. all photos take from

Monday, October 20, 2008

pasko na talaga

feeling ko talaga pasko na! as in napa-aga ang pasko mga kabisyo, october na ang pasko noh! :) aside from receiving a brand new camera from the uber social climber reyna elena i also received chocolates!!! yum yum yum, kahit tsokolate lang kainin ko maghapon magdamag keri lang.

thank you so much diwa and chuva for the chocolates! grabe kaya talaga feeling ko pasko na kasi pag pasko lang ako nakakain ng chocolate eh! hmmm savoring this last piece. merry christmas!!!

o sya sya aalis na ko para bilhin ang tuyo with capers nyo!

Friday, October 17, 2008

santa came to town early

santa came to town early this year because i am real good *wink*

OMG! OMG! i guess i have been really good this year because someone gave me this....
gosh it really feels like it's christmas already!!! wheeeee i've got a new a canon powershot SD1100 IS digital ELPH!!!  I LURVE IT!!!
an ultra nice compact digicam that fits sooo right in my big hands LOL

wanna know who my santa claus is? dyaraaaannn......

the one and only reyna elena whose shining crown blinded the universe with her "mission and vision" (oo noh may mission and vision ang lola ko!!!!

reyna elena's mission: keep the social climbing alive!!! (guess what we're already in social climbing 102 hehehehe)

reyna elena's vision: WORLD PEACE!!!! (kaya yung mga iba jan wag mainggit sa akin, equal opportunity naman ang lola ko, just be good and learn first the basic social climbing skills 101)

as in!!! i cant believe it, ngarag ngarag na ko kagabi sa antok cause after we attended the Art and Auction Cocktails at Fully Booked, Bonifacio high street (thanks Jing for the invite, will blog about this some other time LOL *wink*), we started the 102 social climbing lessons at Brava over 2 bottles of wine *shusyal* but when he gave me this camera OMG talaga!!!! he just like handed it out to me like he's just giving me a box of chocolate!!! BONGGANG BONGGA ANG REYNA ELENA!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

blog action day 2008: poverty

its blog action today and im wondering how can i help to eradicate poverty, its just so sad to see kids suffering because of poverty but i seem helpless to help especially the street children...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

FALLing in LOVE with YOU

“Meeting you was fate, 
becoming your friend was a choice, 
but falling in love with you 
I had no control over.”

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

i alone

what to do if you get a chance to have the movie house all by yourself? Photo opps galore syempre!!! LOL

me and my date watched the jologs movie of the year last night at megamall and OMG the place is soooo full!!!! nyahahaha our laughter were vibrating through the cinema tsktsktsk this is one event that is so priceless errr about more than 100 pesos entrance fee pala hehehehe :)

meet my date, see us chilax to the max inside the moviehouse, right at orchestra, we even played hide and seek and show off our cartwheel exhibition talent LOL.

so if you really wanna have a moviehouse by yourselves, go out and watch I.T.A.L.Y. (I trust and love you) nyaahahahhaha

Monday, October 06, 2008

still alive

dont worry guys i'm still alive (afterall i have nine lives)... just busy dodging bullets coming along my way and trying to save the world and jose rizal ;)


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