Saturday, January 17, 2009

my new baby

meet my new baby...


see how happy kitty paopao is with her new toy :)

even neko cant resist carrie's beauty

Monday, January 12, 2009

meow ocean adventure

Went to Ocean Adventure last dec. 30 and i only got the time to post it now. me and my friends meet up at kfc buendia on the evening of dec 29 and the initial plan was to stay at subic but decided to sleep over instead at zambales (my bestfriend's inlaws house) hehehehe kapal namin noh, good thing emil and his parents were okay and accepted us even though we arrived at their place at around 9pm already i think. and we stayed up late playing tong its of course!!! hehehehe slept at around 2am then woke up at around 8am to go to subic and the plan was to go visit zoobic safari and ocean adventure. but we're kinda late already and arrived at subic by lunchtime so we had lunch first at gerry's grill.
We had my favorite chicharon bulaklak, boneless bangus, nilagang bulalo, fried chicken and fries, sizzling gambas, and ampalaya with beef. and we cant miss the photo opp at the back of gerry's grill is the beach, gosh we wanted to swim but we didnt bring swimwear so we just proceed on picture taking galore lol. after dinner we went to royal and buy some chocolates for pasalubong then proceed to ocean adventure.

ocean adventure is located at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, in Olongapo City, you'll pass subic airport and it's i think at the end of the road. entrance fee is 450 pesos for adults and 370 pesos for babies and seniors and it is open from 9am to 6pm.

they have schedules of the dolphin show and sea lion show but we arrived at around 4 and the show will start by 430 so we proceed and check out discovery aquarium first, a few tanks of different sea creatures but i still like manila ocean park.

we then proceed to El Capitan Stadium to watch the dolphin show, too bad we didnt realize that its a free seating and first come first serve to the best seat and vantage point so we got to seat at the far end but still managed to see the spectacular dolphin show which lasted for about 30minutes. we watched the dolphin show while munching on popcorns and halo halo :)

there's a meet and greet the dolphin photo opp with the dolphins but we didn't stay and queue in the line since the sea lion show will start in 30minutes and we already know that we have to be at the theater early to get the best seat, so we proceed to nautilus theater and waited there with the best seat *grin* here's some dolphin show videos that i have taken...

pictures of the sea lion show, dang those creatures are intelligent! :)

for more pictures of ocean adventure please click here

we started heading home after the show which was 6pm already and isntead of going home we decided to sleep at nessli's house in bataan and spend the night there playing tong its again :) then left at past 8am the next day since we didnt want to be in the streets before people went crazy with their fire crackers to celebrate new year :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

hay naku

hay naku! chelsea looks innocent, subtle, prim and proper right? but hay naku talaga! this little girl manage to put a thumbtacks inside her nose just for kicks!!! as in! i dunno what's going on this 2year old kid but she said she was just playing "bilog" (the tumbtacks!). my sister just learned that something's wrong when she cried and pointing to her lil nose and guess what there's something hard inside the nose and they have to rush her to the hospital to have the thumbtacks removed! good thing everything's okay now and apparently no after effects or what she's her usual makulit and pasaway herself again!

now, she's called thumbtacks!!! before she was called piso because she swallowed piso when she was 1 year old. i dunno what's wrong with her but still she's adorable and all.... hmmm maybe she wants to join talentadong pinoy or fear factor...

Monday, January 05, 2009


ever felt like being kicked in the face? hurts more than being kicked in the butt i'd say! you just have to wear the effin ring... that's all i ask and uhmmm am contradicting myself again... i'm asking for more i guess

Friday, January 02, 2009

happy new year!!!


2008 has been a very good year for me and i hope the blessings will continue to pour in this 2009... well actually 2008 hasn't been good - its super!!! i met you and you are the most important thing that happened to me.

hope you guys had a blast celebrating the long holidays with your family and friends, and with God's grace this year will be better! happy new year everyone


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