Thursday, May 24, 2012

hello kitty x forever21 swimsuit

yehey i have a new hello kitty swimsuit, this time i was able to buy it locally at forever 21 shop in makati.

initially i was only able to buy the bikini form the shop, and when i inquired if they still have a stock they said that there is no top in the deliveries, but being a hello kitty addict i still bought the bikini because it sooo cute and it's hello kitty :) <3

anyways, it was good timing that as i was passing forever 21 shop a week after i bought the hello kitty bikini, i saw the display manequin wearing a cute bikini top and when i got closer i almost shriek with delight (well i think i shrieked hehehehe) when i saw that it is the top partner of my hello kitty. so there i've got a new hello kitty swimsuit for my travel to iloilo next week :)

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

beauty from the ashes

behold the beauty born by destruction - mount pinatubo crater

who would have thought that the most destructive and largest eruption in the 20th century would create such beauty?


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