Tuesday, April 28, 2009

lucy in the sky

A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,
Towering over your head.
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
And she's gone.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

wala lang ma-post hehehe, that's chelsea my uber kulit pamangkin at luneta, in front of quirino grandstand to be exact, took the photo while waiting for the aliwan fiesta parade, (click here for the photos of the parade) she just cant take her eyes off the flying kites :)

actually i have pending posts to do but as usual natatamad si me LOL, just applied for a passport today (grabe ochenta anyos na me, now pa lang apply passport bwahahaha) well anyways it only took me less than 30min to process my passport application, and it will be delivered to me on may 12 , o diba ang saya, i'll blog about it soon

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my baguio flower collection

some baguio flower pictures, i dont know the names of the flowers except for the sunflower :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

monasterio de tarlac

Yesterday, i tagged along with my cousins in via crucis at tarlac and pampanga for bisita iglesia. last year, we visited churches at batangas which i've posted here before. i'll be posting our bisita iglesia in pampanga tomorrow or whenever but for now let me share with you the beautiful and holy place called monasterio de tarlac.
Monasterio de Tarlac in Barangay Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac is the most revered pilgrimage site in Central Luzon on account of its spiritual prominence. 
The Church of the Risen Christ, which houses silver reliquary where the authentic fragment of the Wooden Cross or what they call the True Cross is located.  They hold mass to the public every saturday and sunday at 10AM.  while on mass or on ordianry days the altar is closed and after the mass, the public are allowed to kiss or touch the relic.
The reliquary is known to be the only one in the entire Asia. On Jan. 29, 2007, Msgr. Volker Bauer, brought the sacred relic to the Philippines, the sacred relic originally was from Europe but the churches there went radical changes and the relic found its way home to the Philippines were Catholic is the predominant religion.
this is the 30 foot statue of Jesus Christ (being called BRO) which can be seen while driving up to the mountain.

and the big status of Mama mary (being called Big Mama)
the monastery is located on top of the mountain and the road going up seems endless but and the place seems so far but i am telling you it is worth it. the place look so serene and so silent. i love the voice of the priest who held the mass when we visited.  monasterio de tarlac is one of the places you'd want to visit this coming holy week.
the place is beautifl and you get to see a nice mountain view, reminds me of of my visit to caleruega (which reminds me that i still have to post pictures of that place too)
the place have this kind of castle at the very top
fantastic view, i always feel relaxed when seeing beautiful nature, and the place have this calming effect too.
How to go to Monasterio De Tarlac? From Manila, take Luzon Expressway, exit at Sta. Ines Toll Plaza in Mabalacat. Proceed northward to Tarlac City (Side of Tarlac Cathedral), turn left and proceed at the back of McDonalds Tarlac (Aquino Highway), turn right and cross the Aquino bridge northward towards Camiling. Upon reaching Brgy. Tibag, (Tarlac City) turn left and follow the 36-kilometer backcountry but well-paved road to Brgy. Lubigan in San Jose, Tarlac. Drive up the zigzag concrete highway to the breath taking Monasterio De Tarlac Site.
meow with bro
meow little self being dwarfed by bro
meow castle
err the monastery's castle pala hehehe

PS. sorry if the pictures load a bit slower than usual, i wasnt able to resize the images

Monasterio De Tarlac
Tarlac Eco-Tourism Park
Brgy. Lubigan, San Jose, Tarlac

Friday, April 03, 2009

baguio summer getaway 2009

meow! its been a while since i've updated my blog and had been neglecting my other blogs as well... argh so busy the past few weeks and will continue to do so for some time, so expect that my post will be sporadic... but let me just share you some photos of my baguio trip which seems aeons ago when in fact it was just two weeks ago.
twas my 3rd time to visit the mountain city but this is the first i got a chance to have a photo at the lion gate :) coz the first time and last year's visit we took the marcos highway and havent really had teh chance to actually go and see the lion.
we left at friday night after office hours and reach the lion's gate via kennon road at around past one, and yey we had the place to ourselves :)its just annoying that the lion' paint is black and i think it looked like a dog now, or maybe it was just too dark and the only light illuminating us was the headlight.
the family who adopted this cat in that baguio trip which was planned like 2 days prior when low and i saw each other again (we haven't seen each other for months) and are you free this weekend yeah, ok lets go to baguio, and that was it all was set. i really love unplanned vacation :D
we reached their house at around 2am and when we woke up at around 9ish or 10ish cant remeber, i saw this nice warning sign from the house across the road. of course trip to baguio would mean going to the same usual tourist spot and our first stop is at burnham park
buying strawberry taho for breakfast
kei doing her "japan japan" pose :) heheeh i was so amazed when i saw how big kei has grown up and still remember how small she was the last time i saw her. how time flies
a man selling bonnet / hat at burnham park with very enthusiastic buyers :0
am surprised to find a kiddie amusement park called FUN RIDE, with big inflatable balloons as playhouse and slide for kids, a skating rink inside as well, bump car, mini carousel, and some of the rides are still on going construction, anyways we really didnt stayed long inside coz we thought that most of the rides are for toddlers
we were just leisurely walking at the park and got hungry again, they bought lumpia while i chose buchi, a nice smorgasbord of food being peddled at the park.
and we also saw this group having some training of sorts am not sure for what but it was funny watching them
just took the photo coz i find the bag cute :)
of course a trip to burnham park isnt complete without the boat ride :D still at 60 pesos per 30minutes, well actually it depends on the boat you're going to rent, by this time most of the prices are up to 80-100 per 30minutes. and this is what i really find cool here, there are vendors selling ice cream, chips, etc, as in everything while boating :0
and we visited the mansion, hehehe adik me, picture picture pero me kausap sa phone, buti sana kung chika lang kaso work related waaaaaa, pati sa baguio sinusundan ako ng tarbaho arg
low in fornt of the lake or whatever they call it, this is at wright park just across the mansion, what's icky is that i thought i saw a dead cat floating but closer inspection revealed that it was a bloated dead rat ewwww
kei doing the jump shot, she's a good model who can do really nice jump shots :)
then we headed to mine's view park but had lunch first at one of the restaurant's there, i cant remember the name but i think the name of the diner is called JC, and they have these pasalubong goodies, and if you're at mines view park, this is the place to go, they have the lowest price for these pasalubongs, e.g big choco flakes is only 80 but at other stores it was priced 90-100, trust me i checked the other stores as well and i came back to them :D
upon entering mine's view park you'll be greeted with lots of tourists and f course everlasting flower and assortment of cactus chenelyn
a honey bee vendor, i find his necklace cool! i just wonder if it's a real bone or what? i didnt ask
and another pasalubong stuff again, wooden this and wooden that including the infamous barrel man :)

an old igorot lady waiting for a customer for her igorot costume
family picture at the deck
ume-emote hehehe
it is a thirving business at baguio, this costume thing :) hhehehe i tried it already the first time i visited baguio so no igorot costumes for me this time
small corner selling films and disposable cameras and people were really ogling at the photos of celebrities (including us), though the only striking celebrity i was able to name first was jollibee, seems jollibee is everywhere too, saw his pic at the chocolate hills too. if you look closer at the photo or enlarge it the notice says "hindi bawal ang tumingin huwag lamang gagalawin"
see how many people are there trying to escape the heat at the metro? and i know it is much packed this april and the coming holy week
a nice view, we had an annoying incident at mines view park which isnt worth mentioning anymore its just that it was so annoying how people judge you by what you wear, all of us were wearing slippers when we visited the park and had some misunderstanding with one the locals and we were immediately tagged as poor visitors, (well poor naman kami talaga) it was just annoying and a remark from a local vendor saying "turistang pinoy" as if it is our fault that we are pinoy who visits baguio
after that annoying incident we go ahead to the good sheperd and bought some ube jam, they have the best ube, proof is they have a long line of waiting customers waiting.
then we went to the botanical garden, there were lots of nice flower blooms and i'll be posting a separate post for my "flower series" as kei said, coz she saw me taking tons and tons of flower photos

didnt know that there's a tae park inside the botanical garden hehehhe
see this little girl really knows how to do a jump shot :D
felling ko nanood ako ng korean novela, hehehe having a jollibee picnic inside the garden, love triangle ba itetch? lol
nice trees and bended road, and bended kei
i almost forgot that they have this large statues inside, i only remeber the black wooden igorot and the small nipa huts
and another one of those big statues
mga anito, mag alay kayo daliiiiii
we also visited the grotto and offered candles
and said our quick prayers
am not sure when this jesus statue was added at the grotto but im sure that it wasnt there last year i visited
after that we went home then went out again at session road for dinner at sizzling plate and i had steak. we strolled for a while and check out some ukay ukay stores along session road but most of the stores are already closed so we just bought some beer at 7/11 and had inuman at the house, low and i slept at around 2ish and had to wake up early since we were planning to visit strawberry farm at trinidad
full circle, life cycle of strawberry from flower to red ripe berry :) all in the same stem cool diba

pretending that i am picking strawberries hehehe, we were actually late and most of the good strawberries were harvested already, besides the fee if you're the one whose goign to pick your strawberry is 250 per kilo while if you just bought it already in a box its only 120, so baket pa ko magpakahirap pede naman project lang lol
now this is the real mc coy, real strawberry picker
they also have a nice salad garden, salad lovers will salivate at these rows of nice leaves being watered
and another first for me to see at the strawberry farm, some sections had flowers, like a flower farm :) will post more flower photos in my flower series
and of course cheap vegetables only at baguio
and strawberry ice cream. we went home after visiting the strawberry farm and low cooked corned beef with broccoli for us, yummy actually mine and kei's didnt have broccoli . after lunch we went to pma

took this photo from another canon
cant remember what is the name of this chapel/church inside pma
melchor hall
found this cool vehicle in front of pma's headquarters
the tree house, again surprised and annoyed to see that the grounds near the tree house are now concrete!
naihi na si kei sa pagod pag akyat :D joke joke lang kei hehehe
after pma we went straight to the baguio cathedral and attended part of the mass. and left after the homily :D
and this is my favorite, chicharon bituka yummmy this is what we had for dinner, we just bought rice at sm city baguio and ate this at home, yummy yummy
oh if you're at sm city baguio they have a 3day sale on going till april 5. before going home strolled session road again and look for some ukay ukay and i found a nice hello kitty shirt that i still have to wash and post in myukayukay
goodbye to the sun, goodbye baguio, so long heheheh

ps am tired and sleepy please forgive the grammatical errors and wrong spelling, just doing the post in a hurry because im off to tarlac and pampanga in a few hours from now.


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