Friday, June 17, 2011

no to mining in palawan

i've already posted this in my personal account via facebook but i am reposting it here in this blog to help spread the word and let you guys help to save the Philippines' last frontier. i am about to visit this beautiful place again this weekend and i would like our future generation to see this place as it is now.

Please log in to and sign the petition.

My dear friends,

On January 24 a very dear friend and colleague Gerry Ortega was shot in the head dead. I was just with him that weekend – and a few minutes before he died what we were discussing over the phone was an anti-mining campaign in Palawan – given that on December two huge mining applications were railroaded – and they were to be near protected sites.

Gerry is dead but we will not let go of his dreams – and mine – and probably yours too.

Palawan has 17 key biodiversity sites - which means it is part of the 70% biodiversity sites which are essential for sustaining life in the planet. It has 2 world heritage sites, 8 protected sites. Yet if you see Palawan on the map you will note that it is a very thin island – which is 82% mountain. It means that if the forest gets denuded and the minerals excavated – the tailings seep directly into the sea affecting the coral reefs. The top soil is thin – and the island eco system is fragile.

Mining is not the way to go for Palawan . I have five eco tourism sites wherein the communities involved can now send their children to school, can dream bigger dreams. Mayor Hagedorn in Puerto Princesa has banned mining and logging – and focused on tourism and agriculture. From 2 flights a week, Puerto Princesa now boasts 10 flights a day. His revenues have gone up from several million to several billion.
Mining as an economic path in a magnificent “Last Frontier” is based on a paradigm of economic growth that is myopic and archaic . In this age of climate change and global warming any economic development that does not recognize and revere the web of life should be thrown in the dustbin.

Please please support the ten million signature campaign to Stop Mining in Palawan . The richness of Palawan is the wealth and pride of the country, it is the wealth of the world. Log in to .. register your vote and please please send it to thousands others. You can also include your household by downloading the form printing it – and faxing it t 4152227 or you can scan it and send it to Questions can be sent to

Managing Director
ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Mau. Mwah :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hello kitty vans

okay so finally! it is here! hello kitty vans that is! :D

 i was torn between these two hello kitty vans and i can only buy one cause it is not cheap noh

 and it didnt helped that there are tons of cute hello kitty vans to choose from

i really went giddy upon seeing that vans at greenbelt have these hello kitty design. i thought i have to order online pa.

and i chose this one! if only i have the money to buy them all hehehehe

 the cute hello kitty vans box
 unwrapping the box, the shoes are individually rolled in a cure hello kitty paper, heheh parang pandesal
 hello kitty vans comes with a free sticker, yup the tag is a sticker :)
 pimping my hello kitty vans

and did i say this is my first vans pair and it is hello kitty! hooray :D


Monday, June 13, 2011

hello kitty swimsuit

yahoo! finally got my hands on those hello kitty swimsuit! :D
big grin on my face, cant seem to take off that smile on my face since i got the parcel from genna.
i really owe you big time girl for taking the time to buy this one for me. mwahhuggs!

i just hope i can give justice wearing this hello kitty swimsuit. as many have noticed i have gained weight :D so i hope the tummy wont bulge that much when i wear this hello kitty swimsuit for the first time in palawan a few weeks from now. :)

very cute design - lookie hello kitty face all over :)

 tahnks again genna for buying this on your US trip and good thing you were able to buy it before you left USofA :)  coz you see, my friend already found a hot topic store in LA but they dont have a small size, good thing they have at teh last store she checked.

for those of you who want the same hello kitty swimsuit you can buy it online here

Thursday, June 09, 2011

surviving mt pulag

take nothing but pictures
leave nothing but footprints
keep nothing but memories
kill nothing but time

yes! i have survived mt pulag! 

June 3-4, 2011
Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag, the third highest mountain in the Philippines.
It is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,922 meters above sea level.
Elevation: 2,922 m (9,587 ft)


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