Saturday, April 30, 2011

a year ago

exactly a year ago 
you made me happy 
and you continue doing so... 
hope you'll never get tired of making me happy :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

postcards from ilocos

meow postcards from ilocos... of course anjan sa pictures lahat ng feyz ko noh! blog ko to eh :D

 vigan heritage village, ilocos sur

 baluarte ni singson, ilocos sur

 san agustin church, bantay, ilocos sur

san agustin church bell tower, bantay, ilocos sur

 paoay church, paoay, ilocos norte

 la paz sand dunes, ilocos norte

 marcos museum, batac, ilocos norte

 malacanang of the north, ilocos norte

laoag city plaza, laoag, ilocos norte

 cape bojeador light house, ilocos norte

bangui windmills, ilocos norte

bantay abot cave, pagudpud, ilocos norte

blue lagoon, pagudpud, ilocos norte

patapat viaduct, ilocos norte

currimao rock formation, ilocos norte

juan luna shrine, badoc, ilocos norte

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy easter

Happy easter everyone! Hope you enjoyed the vacation and was able to get some relaxation and reflection. Just got back from Ilocos... Had a great time though it was soo hot and our itinerary is kinda packed with so little time so everything was in a rush. Here's a tiny tube effect phot of the Bangui windmills. Will post more photos soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tiny planet

i am crazy with the iPhone apps and i've already listed down soem of the best free apps, i should make a 2nd list already but this one apps deserve a single post! tiny planet is the coolest apps ever!!! and its free! :D

how it works? let me show you the pictures and be amazed! i cant stop transforming my pictures into

tiny planet 1a

tiny planet 1b

 original picture1

tiny planet 2a

tiny planet 2b

   original picture 2

 tiny planet 3a

  tiny planet 3b

  original picture 3

 tiny planet 4a

 tiny planet 4b

 original picture 4

 tiny planet 5a

 tiny planet 5b

  original picture 5

you can download tiny planet apps here

Monday, April 18, 2011

how to get that piso fare and other seat sale

you want to travel but airfare cost is keeping you from doing so? the you'd better grab those piso fare and seat sales from our local airlines! i know you're gonna say that those mythical piso fare aint real and even if they are - its soooo difficult to get them. yup! that's what i thought too... until i started getting and availing that elusive piso fare :)

well actually its not really piso cause they would add up some taxes and fees and the bill you'll get is about 99 pesos for a roundtrip airfare already... but still sobrang mura compared to those other seat sales right? mas mahal pa ang taxi fare ko pauwe ng bahay or mas mahal pa ang value meal mo diba?

basically its cebu pacific airlines who always have the lowest seat sale available but dont disregard those promo seat sale  from other airlines like seair, zest air, airphil, and yes sometimes PAL though  i was able to book one promo package from PAL but that one was like 4 years ago. :D

okay so paano nga ba makakuha ng piso fare? sign-up with airlines' newsletter, be a part of a forum (girltalk), 'like' their facebook fan page because they normally announce upcoming seat sale in their fb page (with cebu pacific the announcement is usually made at 12 noon or 12 midnight) rand most importantly have friends who will call you in the middle of the night just to inform you that there is an ongoing seat sale :D

but really! the savings you'll made with airfare can already cover your accommodation for your dream vacation/travel... just for comparison, so that you'll know how cheap seat sales compared to regular fare: last january 11, i went to cagayan de oro and bought the ticket few days before departure at regular fare: PHP 4,282 compared to the piso fare i got last june 2010 and travel on jan 2011 din but the cost is only PHP 97 only. opo roundtrip yan! matagal nga lang yun travel dates when buying seat sale pero you can also plan when you want to have the vacay and save travel money. i'll just put in table yun fares that i got and dates for you to see the huge difference in air fare. amount listed in the table is per head and roundtrip cost

ano pa hinihintay mo? mag-abang ka na ng piso fare :D

another thing usually ang cebu pacific they have sale during holidays like independence day, edsa day.. kaya watch out palage... and have tons of patience dahil sobrang bagal mag-load ng website nila pagka may sale. yun lang pow

Sunday, April 10, 2011


i dunno what's wrong with my pangkins - kalurkey sila!!! remember this post, when chelsea put thumbtacks inside her nose?

well guess what? this time around it's gabriel who did something stupid! apparently he put a piece of rice, yup as in bigas, inside his ears! he asked the help of his older cousin, my other pangkin to give him something to remove it and told him not to tell us grown-ups whats going on, but thankfully my SIL saw it today and riza was able to remove it using an ear pump or irrigation, dunno whats the medical term.

hays kalurkey talaga bakit naglalagay ang mga bata ng kung ano ano sa loob ng tenga at ilong?

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Summer na talaga... though makulimlim at umaambon ngayon, at abril na eh malamig pa ang hangin sa umaga - simoy disyembre pa rin.

Bakasyon na ang mga estudyante kaya hayan bike maghapon ang mga bata. Kakatuwa marunong na mga pangkin ko na magbike ng single, yun wala na pang balance :)

Actually kahapon lang natuto ng bonga si chelsea at syempre super proud sya. Alala ko nun isang araw umuwe umiiyak nasugatan kasi sumemplang, sabi ko sa kanya ganun talaga pag nag-aaral magbike, di matuto hanggat di nasusugatan. Galing nya nga eh 4 pa lang sya marunong na magbike eh ako mga 10 na ako nun matuto magbike at syempre sangkaterbang gasgas sa tuhod at siko rin ang nakuha ko. 

Sa pagaaral ng  pagba-bike kasi mas una mo makukuha ang medalya bago yun diploma.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

summer naaaa! tara na sa beach!

ugh i miss the beach and it's summer already! have to contend myself browsing my beach archive for now... see you soon beach! a few more days and we'll meet again :D

so where to go this summer? luckily we have 7107 islands to choose from... yup that is 7,107 island folks and all of them are worth visiting! come on people, visit these places and lets frolic under the sun.

Palawan - the Philippines' last frontier

Cebu - queen city of the south, so many beautiful island to visit and so far i have only been to:

Bantayan Island 

Virgin Island

Camotes Islands

Bohol - the land of chocolate hills and tarsier but the beaches of this province are beautiful too

Camiguin - the island born of fire

and of course, who hasn't heard of Boracay - heaven on earth, a lot may be saying that this place is already too commercialised but its white powdery sand is incomparable.


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