Sunday, April 03, 2011

summer naaaa! tara na sa beach!

ugh i miss the beach and it's summer already! have to contend myself browsing my beach archive for now... see you soon beach! a few more days and we'll meet again :D

so where to go this summer? luckily we have 7107 islands to choose from... yup that is 7,107 island folks and all of them are worth visiting! come on people, visit these places and lets frolic under the sun.

Palawan - the Philippines' last frontier

Cebu - queen city of the south, so many beautiful island to visit and so far i have only been to:

Bantayan Island 

Virgin Island

Camotes Islands

Bohol - the land of chocolate hills and tarsier but the beaches of this province are beautiful too

Camiguin - the island born of fire

and of course, who hasn't heard of Boracay - heaven on earth, a lot may be saying that this place is already too commercialised but its white powdery sand is incomparable.

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