Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tiny planet

i am crazy with the iPhone apps and i've already listed down soem of the best free apps, i should make a 2nd list already but this one apps deserve a single post! tiny planet is the coolest apps ever!!! and its free! :D

how it works? let me show you the pictures and be amazed! i cant stop transforming my pictures into

tiny planet 1a

tiny planet 1b

 original picture1

tiny planet 2a

tiny planet 2b

   original picture 2

 tiny planet 3a

  tiny planet 3b

  original picture 3

 tiny planet 4a

 tiny planet 4b

 original picture 4

 tiny planet 5a

 tiny planet 5b

  original picture 5

you can download tiny planet apps here

1 meow:

Anonymous said...

Have you also tried the TinyWorld app? That one is like 100 times faster in rendering and has a live preview.


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