Thursday, August 27, 2009

meow YoVille rooms

have i told you that i am by now a certified facebook addict? and aside from the fact that my back aches already from too much "farming" i am also fighting mafia mobsters and is going gaga playing YoVille too? if you're a facebook user and an FB addict like myself you know what i'm talking about.

but for now this will be a show and tell post of my YoVille house and the rooms that i already have... so what's addicting about YoVille? well it's like Sims but only better! and you get to choose better furniture too... howell i have a confession to make, i'm so addicted to YoVille that i even shelled out $20 just to buy some 10,000 Yo coins and lookie what i've got! 

now, let me tour you inside my house in yoville and see the room that i decorated and furnished for $20... actually my "house" in  yoville is still in the apartment complex, i still dont have enough coins to buy a mansion in yoville and besides kulang pa ang crew ko grrr... kaya please yun mga ni-requestan ko ng crew add nyo na phlease so that i can also earn more coins para di na ko ule bumili! ooopss naside track ata ako hehehe so heto na ang aking yoville rooms.... 

please note bawal laitin ang mga rooms ko okay, it is still a work in progress at kailangan ng todo kayod para maka-earn ng coins and buy stuff to finish decorating my rooms!
ganda na ng living room ko noh! pero shet ilang items lang yan nabili ko sa $20!!! waaaa in just 2 minutes ubos ang 10000 coins ko, living room lang ang nabilhan ko! ugh! pero come to think of it kung totoong buhay yan ang mura ng $20 para ma-furnish na ang living room hehehhe

and this is my bedroom in yoville! syempre fink kung fink! pa-gerl eh hehehehe
now this is supposed to be the bathroom inside my bedroom pero since i love the beach so much ginawa ko syang beach, walang pakialaman hehehehe
now, this is my yoville kitchen ... you can eat the cake, its for everyone :)  

the standard apartment unit in yoville only have the living room, bedroom, and kitchen... but if you reach level 5 you'll get a bathroom (which i've turn into a mini beach), and this is the "hall of friends" you'll get when you reach level 10.

reaching level 20 i got a master bathroom when you enter the hall which is now a real bathroom pero still work in progress mahal ang bilihin! i now have my own inodoro pero nun capture ko to kagabi wala pa, i just forced someone to buy me an inodoro and give it as a gift hahaha

at level 30 you'll have your master bedroom, pero ginawa ko syang study room/play room/ office ... before yun pink bedroom ko andun rin ang aking office heheheh now meron na sya sarili room.

and if you have noticed, yun mga screen capture ko ng rooms eh iba iba ang damit ko aba syempre kelangan nagpapalit ng damit noh, and oo binibili rin ang mga damit at shoes at whatever kaanik anikan

eh how to earn coins in yoville ba? visit your neighbors everyday and earn up to 20 coins for each neighbor kaya the more kapitbhaya you have the more moolah, send message para mas malaki ang kita instead of fight and kiss or dance chorva.  and also dont forget to work at the widget factor every 6 hours, the more crew you have the more coins you earn... kaya please joine my crew and be my neighbor in yoville okee? :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

facebook is killing my blog

Facebook is killing my blog! uh huh! all my three blogs actually... since i've learned that there were tons of games in FB and the moment i started playing games i'm hooked... like an addict to its cocaine! i just found myself spending more and more time playing at facebook and checking out the new shoutouts... you see before facebook took over my life, whatever cross my mind or any thought i'd think of, or whatever is happening i'd always think of blogging about it, whenever there is a nice photo opportunity i'll go and blog about it... but that changed when i used facebook.  i just need to flick my iPhone and i can post a shout out and post photos in FB, and check out notifications from friends... argh doesnt sound good eh?

so how did it started? i wasnt even planning of creating a facebook account even though i've heard from friends that facebook is better than friendster, i wasnt interested then... haller i dont even open my friendster account for such a long time noh, i thought i was already over these social networking sites... but my boss asked me to create one, so i have to comply... my facebook account then has been created and has been sitting idle for months, didnt even bothered checking it but a friend of a friend told me that there is Mafia Wars in Facebook and that there are other great games in Facebook.  i was like cool, coz i have been playing Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars among other games that i've downloaded from iTunes in my iPhone and i was sort of addicted to them already so i thought why not check the facebook version....that was around first week of June, the day Facebook started killing my blogs... and so i found out that the Mafia Wars version in facebook is way much better (i'm now at level 153).

and yes, you're right aside from mafia wars and vampire wars i'm also hooked into  YoVille, Typing Maniac, etc., and being a farmer! i didnt realize that being a farmer is FUN!!! i have farms at farmville, farmtown, and barn buddy!  and would you believe that for a month i have been up till the wee hours and wake up early morning just to harvest and plant new seeds? yeah addicted... tsk tsk tsk.

and so that is the case why my blogs are sitting idle and only the death of cory resurrected my blogs which is now slowly dying again... 


Saturday, August 01, 2009

farewell cory aquino

President Corazon Aquino (1933-2009)

farewell to the woman in yellow who has united the filipino people and brought back democracy in our land... may you rest in peace.

such a sad day to be woken up with news that cory is dead :(

i have fallen in love with the same woman three times by benigno aquino, sung and composed by jose mari chan... 


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