Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dear blog

dear blog,

 i miss you. i have not forgotten you, though it may seem otherwise. i have been meaning to write you but you know how things always get in the way like candy crush addiction. i know you'll forgive me and wait for me forever, which is why maybe i am taking you for granted.  i am sorry about that. you know that i am such a procrastinator right? you and i have come a long way and i am not going to throw that away. and please don't get jealous of facebook and instagram. yeah i've spent time with them and earned new friends through them but you will still be my first, okay?

so what have i've been up to after my last visit to you? well after the bicolandia trip to see magayon, i failed to scale pico de loro's monolith (i was dead certain i'd be able to climb that beak but i chickened!) , well that mountain aint a beginners climb! that is an ass of a climb i'm telling you, pure assault! and it was just a day hike. excuses, i know! well, i had a walk in the park climbing mt. pulag and i underestimated the bitch! =) well yeah, you know i had a colorful affair at the hot air balloon festival right? yeah i did mentioned that to you last time. i think i'm getting old, i was about to tell about what i have been doing after that.

well, you know how i love swimming and the sun and the sea, and that summer is just around so i had two quick trips in batangas for a taste of the sand, sea, and sun. you know how i love the beach right? well after that i had an awesome experience visiting the heart of the philippines, in case you dont know where that is - it's marinduque =) congratulate me! i just visited all provinces in the MIMAROPA region yeeehaw! LOL yeah just 4 provinces in all but i didnt know it would take me 35 years to finish them off. and was able to see morions in action, yeah another one off the bucket list is attending the moriones festival, watching senakulo, via cruziz and all that stuff. and of course my trip isnt complete without swimming and we also hiked a mountain to get to a falls. it was a memorable holy week trip indeed. and i have been lazying and doing some stuff in between, but just to let you know that you are still in my mind. until my next post.



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