Sunday, December 28, 2008

hello kitty tumbler

Look what kitty paopao got today - a new tumbler :)
of course piloky wants her photo taken with the hello kitty tumbler as well :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

chips reunion

meet chips (club of happy, intelligent, and pretty student) LOL
guess y'all already know our barkada's name was conceptualized during our school days. OMG 10 years na kami graduate!!! shucks ang edad! hahaha

too bad two of our friends weren't there so the chips reunion aint really complete. but heniways we had fun! gutom na pero smiles pa rin!!! wolfing down food in betwwen endless laughter and conversation (hahahaha mga PG pa rin! as in patay gutom) nothing's changed! ate at MOA's san miguel by the bay area at moms and dads restaurant to be exact, kinda like dampa style where you buy fresh seafood and have them cook it for you. more photos here

stayed up till 2 in the morning at a bo's coffee and we only had to go home cause MOA putthe lights out already hehehe. non stop kwentuhan and catching up, talking and retelling stories during our college days and still laughing at the same old jokes and stories we've heard and recounted many times before! i dunno but we never ceased to laugh at ourselves when we look back at those times. dang are we getting old? LOL nah we're forever young!

chili crab (this is so delicious)
sinigang na hipon
sweet and sour fish
shrimp tempura
crispy pata
baked tahong
good food + great conversation + best friends = FUN

Monday, December 22, 2008

and they kissed again

they kissed

and they kissed again

awwww lol aint they sweet... my niece and my bestfriend's son

Friday, December 19, 2008

red ribbon from B

surprise!!! meow got brownies delivered to our haws
with blueberry cheesecake from red ribbon (well achully muntik pa malimutan ibigay ang brownies, buti bumalik yun nagdeliver at hindi kinain, ibabaon ko pa yun eh hehehe)
yum yum yum
im sooo touched talaga! thank you so much baby mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh
me love you long time talaga hehehe, sunod 2 boxes ha LOL

Monday, December 15, 2008

manila ocean park

yey finally i was able to visit Manila Ocean Park yesterday! I'll post more photos and meow ocean adventure soon.

PS dear chuva meron ngang fish spa sa Manila Ocean Park! remember your gararuffa post? hehehe, i'll post photos soon

Saturday, December 13, 2008

OTWOMD 2008 Christmas Tree Blog Parade

Am joining Bluep's christmas tree blog parade and here's a photo of our small christmas tree in our kitchen. I like this christmas tree better than our big tree (yeah we have two christmas trees in our house hehehe). This christmas tree is about 1 feet in height and the tiny christmas ornaments are made of wood.

I am not going to tag anyone, but if you like to join the christmas tree blog parade meme plese feel free to do so... advance merry christmas everyone :)

for the rules, start copying here:

This is the 2nd Annual OTWOMD Christmas Tree Blog Parade 2008 Meme created and conceptualized by OTWOMD of Bluepanjeet.Net The purpose of this meme is to enliven the Christmas spirit by showing to the world our very own Christmas trees. They say that it is on the Christmas tree that best describes how a person celebrates his or her own Christmas.

This meme was originally conceptualize in order to:

  • Promote the spirit of Christmas around the blogosphere
  • Spread awareness of the true meaning of the Christmas Tree
  • Encourage the family members to have a bonding around the Christmas tree
  • promote Christmas cheer and camaraderie among bloggers

Everyone can join regardless of nationality, race or religion. Even Atheists are welcome to join. So here are the rules:

  1. Copy the Logo of this meme and resize it that will best fit your blog or according to your desire and post it on your entry. You can also embed the official video presentation of Last year’s blog parade in your current entry (optional) Located HERE.
  2. Take a photo of your Christmas tree inside your house not smaller than the size of 500×375 pixel (for cropping purposes for the parade). It would be better but not required to at least take three different shots of the three (landscape, portrait and detailed shots). A whole body shot of the Christmas Tree is the most appropriate photo. And then post it on your blog entry
  3. Shots

  4. Tell something about your Christmas tree like who decorated it, what are the ornaments and accessories, or what is the theme and meaning of your Christmas tree this year.
  5. You can put any title on your meme but don’t forget to include “2008 Christmas Tree Blog Parade”.
  6. Do the link train history for the purposes of tracking. Last year there were people who where not included because the people who tagged them did not do this link train (Please refer to last year’s blog Parade). Put the link of your previous bloggers who tagged you and your own link, Example: Tag History: Bluepanjeet - “you” -

The link train will provide clue on “who tagged who” and at the same time a reference of data for the creator of this meme.

On The feast of the Epiphany (Three Kings) on January 4, 2009 (The official ending of the Christmas Season), Bluepanjeet.Net will will feature all of the participant’s Christmas trees for 2008 with a link back to their site. That is why it is very vital that you maintain the link history so that your Christmas tree will be included in the Christmas tree blog parade of 2008.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Enjoying burger king's free wifi

Test post using burger king's free wifi using my new iPhone. Too bad I can't upload some photos including the cute little girl beside me. I'll edit this post later to upload the pix when I get home. Or if anyone knows how to upload picture in blogger using iPhone, please help.

EDIT: photo uploaded

so cute trying to reach the wires of the free charging station
french fries anyone?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

meow iPhone 3G

Wheeeee!!! I finally have iPhone 3G 8GB!!!

got it from Globe center at SM City Manila this evening :)

i'll post more photos and its specs once i get the hang of using it, its so cool!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

meow christmas

wheee i got my first christmas gift, and its from my mom!!! i am so touched talaga when she gave me this cat shirt, she knows that i really really wanted this shirt but me being a cheapstake (i can only buy ukay ukay stuff hehehe) i didn't bought the shirt. and surprise surpirse my mom gave it to me last week :)
i really love this design :) the cat's feet has beads and the body is patchwork wheee love it!
thanks so much nanay! and not only that on the next day she gave me a jewelry set (earings, ring, bracelet) though i am not so keen now on wearing gold stuff i still appreciated her gift... i dont have the heart to tell her that i dont want to wear them. then on the next day she gave me perfume! LOL dont you just it, i am very lucky to have a mom :)

because as you know - gift giving - christmas or not is really all about the thought, no matter how expensive or cheap it is right? you have to appreciate every gift you receive and i am annoyed when i give gifts that aren't appreciated. you know what i mean? you really have good intentions and all you want is to please someone that's why you bought a gift and all you get is whining and you shouldn't have bought that! amf talaga!


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