Wednesday, December 10, 2008

meow christmas

wheee i got my first christmas gift, and its from my mom!!! i am so touched talaga when she gave me this cat shirt, she knows that i really really wanted this shirt but me being a cheapstake (i can only buy ukay ukay stuff hehehe) i didn't bought the shirt. and surprise surpirse my mom gave it to me last week :)
i really love this design :) the cat's feet has beads and the body is patchwork wheee love it!
thanks so much nanay! and not only that on the next day she gave me a jewelry set (earings, ring, bracelet) though i am not so keen now on wearing gold stuff i still appreciated her gift... i dont have the heart to tell her that i dont want to wear them. then on the next day she gave me perfume! LOL dont you just it, i am very lucky to have a mom :)

because as you know - gift giving - christmas or not is really all about the thought, no matter how expensive or cheap it is right? you have to appreciate every gift you receive and i am annoyed when i give gifts that aren't appreciated. you know what i mean? you really have good intentions and all you want is to please someone that's why you bought a gift and all you get is whining and you shouldn't have bought that! amf talaga!

3 meow:

diwatang_byaning said...

O sinong kaaway mo jan? Heheeh... OO nga nakakainissssssss grrrr ang mga hindi nakaka appreciate talaga no!

Ako pag binigyan ng garmin na may kasamang bmw ma appreciate ko yon trulili lols

Nina said...

wow, ang thoughtful ni mother...itago mo na lang ang jewelry, may value yan pwedeng ipamana sa mga future children.

Pretty Life Online said...

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you can visit mine corner too.... musta na?


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