Monday, March 31, 2008

diwa's angels

this is lovingly dedicated to the birthday gurl - diwa - haffy vertdey dear mwah
sit back, relax, and enjoy the show... PS its ok to smile pero bawal lumabas ang ngangala sa pagtawa okee? pump up the volume people

presenting... the intercontinental fans club of DIWA - moiself from Caloocan chapter, Jojitah the Diva of Laguna Chapter and Malensky of Valenzuela Chapter.

bwahahahahaha tenchu so much diwa sa treat, we really had fun celebrating your 24th birthday! =)

check out this link to see our fantabulous pictures hehehe, and dont forget to check out malen's story of this one kalokahan day.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

WIN a Bohol Holiday for Four!

guysssss a chance to WIN FREE Bohol Holiday for four! ekkkkk i wanna go back to Bohol, pleaseeee help me choose which photos should i submit, too bad i cant post all of our 1800 photos in here!!!!


Join the Inquirer Lifestyle Photo Contest, simply submit a photo that best captures a most enjoyable vacation on the island of Bohol.

1st Prize: Roundtrip ticket for 4 to Bohol
4 days, 3 nights stay at the Peacock Garden

2nd Prize: Roundtrip ticket for 3 to Bohol
3 days, 2 night stay at Amarella Resort

3rd Prize: Roundtrip ticket for 2 to Bohol
Overnight stay at Bohol Beach Club

click the image for the mechanics

PS. my friends are assuming that we'll win already! LOL
Lisa was like oh its just good for 2 persons (haller assuming that we'll win already the 3rd prize!)
mas malufet si Che, she's already worryin whom we should invite from our friends to join us! pucha feeling 1st prize na agad! LOL kaya help please people pressure itetch!!!!

do check out my previous posts and help me select the winning photo! hehehe and include a caption na rin ;)

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Bohol Trip - Day 2 - Dolphin watching and snorkeling at Balicasag Island
Bohol Trip - Day 2 - Bohol Beach Club
Bohol Trip - Day 3 - Trudis Place, Alona Beach
Bohol Trip - Day 4 - Bohol Bee Farm

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

bohol trip, day 4

sigh! our last day at bohol. we woke up early to swim and maximize our remaining hours. wont bore you with our photos at the beach anymore.

another photo op while waiting for the driver to pick us up, was planning to have lunch at the airport or when we arrive at manila but our driver (forgot his name) was able to convince us to check out bohol bee farm first before heading to the airport.

we agreed to go to the bohol bee farm since we really wanted to go there on our 3rd day but we just got lazy, and we're sooo glad that we visited bohol bee farm. it would have been a crime not being able to see the place if you're at bohol. the place is big, unfortunately we weren't able to really explore the place but was quite satisfied with what we saw. no we didnt see a single bee though.

twas already past 12 when we arrived at bohol bee farm and we decided to have lunch here, figuring we can still catch our flight which was scheduled at 2pm since we can really eat fast, you just have to take my word that we eat like carpenters. we made sure from the waiters that they have to serve the food within 5-10 minutes since we're really running out of time.

while waiting for our order we went down to this beautiful area and we had tons of photos in here too. the place looks really relaxing and i bet having a massage in here is bliss! after having our lust for photo satisfied we went up again and just in time our food arrived.

whoo yummy! we would have really missed a lot if we havent decided to have lunch at bohol bee farm. the food is very very delicious, and all the stuff they have are grown in the farm, organic food. their bread is made from heaven including their jam and spread. soooo delicious! too bad i dont eat veggies and flowers.

when our driver came up looking for us he was shocked to learn that we ordered food, (we only have an hour before our flight that's why) and we felt like kids being scolded by her nanny! really but we assured him that we're fast eater, we may be slow in many things but its a different matter when it comes to food.

after 8 minutes, simot sarap and mind you, that 8min included photo op already and paying our bills while mumbling hmmmm sarap! and our driver was like he just watched an act from a carnival, even the servers were like jesus, how on earth did we managed to eat everything in just 8min. i dunno ;)

dont worry we were able to catch our flight, we even waited since cebu pacific is known for its "delayed flights" anyways. slept all the way from the airport to our home in the taxi and was dead tired. but this bohol trip is really something and i swear you have to go to bohol and experience and taste what this place has to offer.

and as i've said before, i now prefer bohol over boracay anytime (unless you're going to invite me to boracay all expenses paid, why not? LOL). boracay is beautiful, no doubt about it but the place is so commercialized and being the anti-social that i am i prefer a less crowded place and bohol is the best place to be. white sand beach, yeah almost like boracay but again less crowd! besides bohol can offer so much more wherein boracay is just a beach. i'm not saying you shouldnt go to boracay anymore, you gotta experience bora too and as i've said if you're a gimikero or gimikera, boracay is the best place to go.

should you decided to visit bohol, do contact tata at for accommodation and tours, she'll take good care of you like what she did with us.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bohol trip, day 3

day 3 at Bohol - 02 March 2008

we're all sick when we woke up at around 8am, dunno if its because of our lack of sleep, or we've been out in the water the whole day on our 2nd day, or was it a sign of us getting old (madali na mapagod!). anyways none of us wanna get up, its our free day no particular itenerary we just planned on checking out the resort and the stretch of alona beach, but since we're feeling a bit sick we just had breakfast in bed (buti na lang masisipag un mga kaibigan ko! me tiga timpla ng kape, me tigalagay ng palaman sa sandwich, at me tigalagay ng hot water sa cup noodles - kakain ka na lang, san ka pa hehehe).

after our breakfast we're still feeling lazy so we decided to sleep in until lunch time after all we still have the afternoon to explore. if hunger didnt woke us i guess we could have slept all day long! it was around 4pm that we're able to go out of our room, finally, and we decided to have lunch at Trudis Place and get to explore alona beach as well.

a fallen tree on our way to trudis place. sorry no photos of the famous carinderia since im soooo hungry (of course naka-2 rice na naman ako noh), no photos of the food as well, but it's true! the food at that place is delicious! i specially liked the chicken cordon blue yum yum!

after our very late lunch we proceed to the far end of alona beach, i think this part is in front of the alona palm resort or something. the water is sooo refreshing, soothed our lagnat laki moment.

dang! bat ang gaganda namin? hahahahaahaha LOL, ok again my friends are up for grabs, bid now!!!! =)

twas 7 already when we decided to have dinner, we explored every nook and cranny of alona beach as in, we' re running out of bread and soda so we looked for a bakery, and someone told us that we should take the eskinita to go to the road leading to the bakery and we'll find the fruit fairy there.

we found the bakery with no problem and we even found a grocery store and the prices are real, i mean like the prices here in manila. coz like if you buy a 1.5 coke along the alona beach sarisari stores its worth 70pesos, grabe noh... anyways we're so glad that we find that place and we even saw carinderias that sells really cheap food, but we only bought rice from the since we're planning to have a special dinner in our room.

and take note they have an ATM machine at one of the roads from the eskinita!!! we really thought that bohol is like very far from the civilization LOL, so we're all like yehey. btw in case you need to go anywhere far from alona beach, they have this special public transportation - as in single na motorbike - wherein you just flag them down and say angkas! dont know much they charge though.

here's our special dinner!

i told you we were traveling on a budget hehehehe look at our entree - we have red sardines, spanish sardines, and tuna, we even have a soup - la paz batchoy noodles! =)

since it is our last night, we really have to go out and check out bohol's night life, though we already figure there wont be much, as i've mentioned in my previous post there is almost no night life at bohol. i think they are following a certain decibel of noise here, like you really have to be at the bars doorstep to hear their music, which i think is ok, you dont need to shout at each other just to hear whatever anyone is saying, you know what i mean, coz really most bars are so noisy. not much party people here, the crowd is behaved. if you're too fond of gimick nights then bohol aint for you. "live bands" are only until 10pm and by 12am the bars are already closed.

we didnt really stay that long, after a bottle we went back to our room, they prefer my own mix hehehehe, that's my task actually they prepare breakfast and tidy up the room, i take care of our drinks :) easy eh?

to be continued...

Monday, March 17, 2008

bohol trip - day2, part 2 of 2

from balicasag island we went to bohol beach club, i dunno how far it is but its an hour boat ride

approaching bohol beach club, aint it beautiful? you have to pay an entrance fee of 100 to swim here but according to our boatman, we dont need to pay since they wouldn't know anyways that we're not guests of the resort but being good citizens that we are, we actually looked for their reception area and paid an entrance fee, and an additional 250 per head for our dinner

i think bohol beach club has the longest beach shore among all the beaches at bohol, but their room rates is soooo expensive, why pay for a huge price if you can spend the day there for just a 100 diba, and besides we're quite happy with our room at bohol divers club, but then again we have to try this place, highly recommended to us.

see that guy wanna embrace the sky and the sea hehehehe (uma-art)


chillax chillax

sarap matulog!
adik sa pictures :)

while smoking, we cant help but notice this strange group, try to look harder in this photo

ok, i've zoomed in my camera for you to check out these guys! i dunno what they're trying to do, its just insane seeing someone swim with caps! and with full gear gym attire - as in jacket and jogging pants! haller beach ito people!!!! and just to prove that they are crazy, when we went to swim at the pool, they were like "sunbathing" at the poolside! tsk tsk tsk really crazy!

well whatever... ok, i am selling my friends... go take your pick, bidding starts at $10! LOL

another crazy group picture :)

LOL mowdel mowdelan ang drama ditech hahahahaha

after spending the whole day swimming (and taking pictures) we got hungry and ate at around 7pm. food is great, again sorry no photos of the food! (PG talaga eh).

well anyways im just amazed at how cheap the food are at bohol, our meals range from 500-800 and that's already for the 3 of us, compared here in manila wherein your 500 is only good for one person.

us goofin around at the bohol beach club signage (hehehehe adik talaga!) while waiting for Tata to pick us up. didnt notice how far we've traveled by land to our resort since we're busy talking about the days events. thought of going out to check out bohol's night life but we're too tired, so again we stayed at our room and drink my mix. we slept at past midnight... no wonder we're all sick the next morning.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

bohol trip - day 2, part 1 of 2

a beautiful sunrise welcomed us, i have always been a sunset lover but this sunrise is a beauty, first time to see sunrise in years, well i guess that's why sunrise is more special... you have to be a morning person to catch one.

dolphin watching - our first itinerary for the day. our call time is at 530-600 am and we woke up at past 5am and we're really like in a hurry since our boatman already knocked on our door, but still we only finished taking shower at past 6 and we we're really hurrying already, imagined we didnt even had the time to brush our hair! LOL we kinda run to the boat with our things and our breakfast.

i guess were kinda late really since we didnt see dolphins immediately when we arrived at the site, and it didnt helped that instead of looking or watching out for the dolphins, we're busy taking photos! LOL

i think that irritated our boatman more, coz we were just depending on him to tell us where the dolphins are! he was like there, to the left, to the right, LOL and we we're like screaming with delight whenever we see dolphins, kinda exciting to see them swimming in their own turf

they actually joked that it wasnt really dolphin watching but dolphin hunting instead... see the boats going in the same direction? we're all heading to a group of dolphins!

you have to look hard to see the dolphin in the photo, i didnt realized how difficult it was to capture these dolphins on camera!

and they seem to tease us really, just showing a bit of tail here and there...

luckily i was able to capture these dolphins and we decided that its enough already, enough adventure and our throats are kinda hoarse already from screaming! =)

snorkeling at balicasag island

we then decided to go to proceed to balicasag island, where according to them is a very nice dive site with amazing corals and marine life.

approaching the island, this is the balicasag lighthouse, sorry i dont have a close up photo of the lighthouse, no intention of sightseeing, i went there because of the corals

we were advised to buy fish from the locals and have them cook it for us while we're snorkeling, which according to them is much cheaper than dining in at the balicasag resorts restaurant. we trust our guide and the friendly locals immediately showed us their fresh catch. we decided to have talakitok for lunch, just bought one fish since its big enough for the three of us, we asked them to make a sinigang and grill the tail part.

sorry to disappoint you but i dont have photos of the amazing underwater life, i dont have an underwater camera :( but it was really a nice experience, the corals are beautiful and its amazing to see hundreds of fishes! i even saw Nemo! all the fish in the photo above, i saw them swimming with us! there was even a school of fish that seems to go on forever... its really something, you have to experience it... its awesome!!!

went back for lunch at around 1130 and boy am so glad we ordered our food from the locals! it is delicious, i even had two rice and when we asked for the lady for our bill, she asked me if i dont need an extra rice! LOL (di naman halata na malakas ako kumain diba!)

to be continued...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

bohol trip - day 1, part 3 of 3

been busy and lazy the past few days so i am just updating this post now...

we arrived at our resort - bohol divers resort - at past 4pm and i must admit i was surprised to see that the place is very nice, not quite what i expected at all! i was actually thinking that the place is a bit rundown and may kapangitan, because we like only paid 15,200 for 4D/3N stay plus the tours (so its just 5k plus per head).

according to them, bohol divers resort is the biggest resort in alona beach, they have 2 swimming pools, from the photo above you can see the La Residencia suite they have which is good for families, we thought of getting the Villa room because its big and beach front but then chose the Chateau room because of the water dispenser and they claim that it has the nicest room since it is fairly new.

we stayed at the newly built chateau and i really liked the place, as in. one thing i didnt like in this resort is that they dont have telephones inside the room and if in case you need something you have to go to the reception area, which is why i recommend you stay at the chateau since the reception area is just downstairs

here's their lounge area just in front of the reception desk, you can see the beach from here too. our room is upstairs with a window to see the beach. we're really happy with the service and the staff are very accommodating,

a two double bed, with aircon, tv, ref, and a water dispenser... i have to emphasize the dispenser because i've mentioned before we're traveling on a budget, and the water dispense is very important to us because and we have our baon for our breakfast like sandwiches, cup noodles, and of course coffee! =) (oh yeah, takot kaming magutom noh!)

since there were 3 of us and we only have 2 beds, it was decided that every night we'll do a rotation who's going to sleep in one bed alone, i slept alone on our 2nd night :)

if you're planning to go to Bohol, i recommend you contact Tata Rabe, she'll give you the best deal depending on your budget. her email address is

after settling down and taking a shower we immediately proceed to the beach, a mere 2-3 minute walk from our room, and i was soooo enthralled when i see this scene, sorry the photo doesnt give justice how beautiful the beach is. the water is sooo blue (feels and looks like the water in a swimming pool).

it feels like there is no horizon at all! the blue water reflects the blueness of the sky, its amazing! if not for the bancas it would be really difficult to differentiate the water from the sky.

of course we had picture taking, and im telling you the photos we had looked fake! it seems that we just plastered our face and body in the photos and that the background aint real =)

sorry cant share our photos, censored and horror ang dating hehehehe

simply beautiful. i love sunsets (if you happen to frequent my photoblog, you'll know that my favorite photo subject is the sunset)

after a dip in the water and when it started to get dark and the water becoming chilly, we continued our swim in the pool, stayed a bit then after our growling stomachs protested we decided to go our room and change.

we're thinking of exploring the place and look for a place to dine but then we're already tired and decided to just try restaurant of bohol divers resort, and we didnt get disappointed. the food is great and affordable too.

sorry no photos of the food (PG kami eh hehehe) but i have a photo of their table, aint this table cool?

after dinner, we just head back to our room and recap the days events, transferred the photos and reviewed our pictures (hehehe mga adik). after checking out the photos we had drink in our room (my special mix - san mig light with sprite, parang shandy sya, you should try it) we bought beer earlier from a mall in tagbiliran city.

one thing that surprised me at bohol is the lack of night life, i was expecting the night life to be like in boracay but its different here, at 10pm the whole town seems already asleep. and the bars here aint loud, you have to be five steps away from the bar to hear their music! no i am not complaining, it's actually a welcome relief to us. purely relaxation here, and even the crowd/guests are nice and not rowdy.

at midnight we decided to call it a night since we have to wake up early next morning since our sea tour was scheduled at 6am.

to be continued....


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