Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

2011 has been a truly blessed year for me. If 2010 was great, 2011 was even greater! Truly grateful for this year and i am positive that the goodness of 2011 will roll on to 2012.

Wishing everyone hapiness and may God's grace continue to shower upon us.

Welcome 2012. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Hello Kitty X Crocs

I never liked Crocs but My addiction with Hello Kitty made me bought a pair. First saw these kawai shoes at edsa shangrila but i have to stop myself from buying that pair last summer because i just bought a trekking shoes (the most expensive shoes i bought in my whole life lol). So i told myself i'll just buy it the following month or when i got the mollah but that didn't happen soon cause hello kitty is so kawai and i bet her fans hoarded and bought every single pair there is. I've been searching for this pair since then from all malls with crocs boutique i ever set foot On but nada.

But the hello kitty demigods were looking down upon me on Christmas day. We were at bonifacio high street and what i thought was just another futile routine when i enetered the shop proved me wrong. I squelled with delight when i saw that crocs at BHS still have them. What a nice christmas gift eh? :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

plug and play

i wish there is a device wherein we just plug it in our temple and it would automatically record and save whatever is in our mind, our thoughts, stories that are begging to be shared and then just upload and play it to share to everyone. wish it is that easy so that whatever i wanna share in this blog is just a click away, with my busy schedule all the stories and pictures i wanna tell is just right here, inside my mind and my memory sticks. somebody please invent that thought capture machine now!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hello Kitty x Forever21

Addition to my hello kitty x forever21 collection. Been running back and forth to forever 21 stores at makati and megamall just to get the items i like. Sana talaga sabay sabay na lang ilabas diba. Still waiting for that dress wala pa rin. And oh i am still waiting for a generous sponsor who would give me the hello kitty scarf as christmas gift. Tia. xoxo

Oh btw the gray top 3/4 sleeve is actually not part of the hello kitty forever21 collab. I just saw it at makati store's kid section. Eh kasya sa akin ang medium so buy ko sya hahaha. And its supposed to be long sleeves since its for kids sana pero 3/4 lang sa akin lol

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hello Kitty meet fail :(

So i was not able to go to the hello kitty meet and greet at moa last sunday :(
I hate being sick. But thanks much for these gifts, they're making me feel better

I dont wanna take meds anymore huhu but i have to be well and in good health for next week. It really sucks if you are sick. And i cant stop coughing :(

Friday, December 02, 2011

A gift of love from hello kitty

Ekkkk mga ka-adik kay hello kitty, here's your chance to meet and greet hello kitty. May chorva sa Mall of Asia tomorrow and on sunday (dec 3 & 4) at 2pm and 5pm. Lots of hello kitty items on sale rin. Gow na :)


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