Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello Kitty X Crocs

I never liked Crocs but My addiction with Hello Kitty made me bought a pair. First saw these kawai shoes at edsa shangrila but i have to stop myself from buying that pair last summer because i just bought a trekking shoes (the most expensive shoes i bought in my whole life lol). So i told myself i'll just buy it the following month or when i got the mollah but that didn't happen soon cause hello kitty is so kawai and i bet her fans hoarded and bought every single pair there is. I've been searching for this pair since then from all malls with crocs boutique i ever set foot On but nada.

But the hello kitty demigods were looking down upon me on Christmas day. We were at bonifacio high street and what i thought was just another futile routine when i enetered the shop proved me wrong. I squelled with delight when i saw that crocs at BHS still have them. What a nice christmas gift eh? :)

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