Sunday, March 21, 2010

summer heat

cant wait to taste salt water again and flirt with the wind as it caress my face and play with my hair… anticipating the wind’s serenade as it hit the shore and gently lap up my toes… cant wait for the sun to kiss my face as I lay on the sand… yey for the long week vacation... see u soon boracay :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

trip na trip na road trip

ellow my dear fans, have been busy (kelan ba hindi?) well heniways if i have the time i'll post the pictures tomorrow of our super bonggang bonggang road trip in batangas-tagaytay a couple of weeks ago

just check out the batangas map of our road trip, super karir diba? ikutin ang buong taal lake, nauta na kami halos makita ang taal volcano! charing sangkaterbang photo opps hahahaha

we meet up at ayala and headed to cuenca for breakfast then off to taal for pictures syemper, first time to climb up the church's bell tower - amazing!!! - then off to caleruega in nasugbu, super late lunch and coffee at tagaytay,  then back to mataas na kahoy in lipa for a a swim via the scenic talisay route. oh diba maghapon nagbilad sa araw tapos swimming! so refreshing :)

hope to post the photos soon, but if you're in my fb u prolly saw some photos already

Thursday, March 04, 2010


"mga matatanda lang ang namamatay"

chelseanism 101

random thoughts and wordings from my cute niece chelsea... i have made a few posts about her here and i think am gonna start a new category called chelseanism. LOL.

well anyways she was her usual self talking with her brotheres spinning stories... then overheard her saying "andun sa si mama ining kay bro, kasama na sya ni bro... mga matatanda lang ang namamatay! kagaya ni mama ining, yun nanay ni ate libay..."

why the statement? because an old relative of ours and an old neighbor died recently and with those facts she gave that conclusion based on her living in this world for all 3 years ...uh huh an acute observation from a kid's view huh

you just gotta love that kid... she just sometimes blurt out things or keeps on giving stories with her brothers, as in totally non stop talk from her for hours... like she doesnt get tired talkin eh...but sometimes when you want peace and quiet you really want to sell that kid and throw her out. LOL

words really just sprang from her mouth you'll think she's an old lady and not a 3 year old kid, well she'll turn 4 in june anyways so that'll make her a lil bit wiser? and older? heheheh and i think there will be more to come since she really wanna go to school and my sister will enroll her at a nursery school this coming june. me wonders if she'll be a goody goody student like moi or be a teacher's nightmare hehehe...

Monday, March 01, 2010


ang sarap parang lumipad :)

"Tila ibon kung lumipad
Sumabay sa hangin
Akoy napatingin
Sa dalagang nababalot ng hiwaga..."
nyay darna song pala yun... eh ako si superwoman :D


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