Friday, March 19, 2010

trip na trip na road trip

ellow my dear fans, have been busy (kelan ba hindi?) well heniways if i have the time i'll post the pictures tomorrow of our super bonggang bonggang road trip in batangas-tagaytay a couple of weeks ago

just check out the batangas map of our road trip, super karir diba? ikutin ang buong taal lake, nauta na kami halos makita ang taal volcano! charing sangkaterbang photo opps hahahaha

we meet up at ayala and headed to cuenca for breakfast then off to taal for pictures syemper, first time to climb up the church's bell tower - amazing!!! - then off to caleruega in nasugbu, super late lunch and coffee at tagaytay,  then back to mataas na kahoy in lipa for a a swim via the scenic talisay route. oh diba maghapon nagbilad sa araw tapos swimming! so refreshing :)

hope to post the photos soon, but if you're in my fb u prolly saw some photos already

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