Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Masterpiece by Chelsea

artpiece by chelsea! WOW! didnt know that she already know how to draw people, guess she's so stoked getting the hands me down crayon from her brother and she's so excited to go to school already :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

9 days of one great summer adventure

we were so lucky to have a 9 day vacation during the lenten season (guess we're the only company who closed the office from holy monday... very nice eh?) and since we do not have work on weekends that made the vacation longer - sweet 9 effin days! when it was announced i was so worried i'll end up bored to nuts but thankfully i found someplace to go and the 9 day vacation is bitin pa! LOL

me and my office mates planned a vacation since were kind of stuck with each other's companies since most of our friends have work till wednesday so gurls gotta do what they gotta do. plan a vacay!!! :)

and off we decided we'll go to boracay via roro wahahahaha... well we have plenty of time! lots of it actually... and its cheap.... twas a nice experience going to boracay via roro specially if you're traveling with a group but i wouldn't recommend it not  unless you have a tight budget and have plenty of time to spare which is our case hehehehe... will tell you more about this saga on a separate post (oh yes, as if i can do a proper post ... we'll see hehehehe abangan!)

well it was really tiring to travel by land and by sea to go to boracay, we left manila on early morning of saturday (27 march) and traveled to batangas port, from there we rode the super cat to calapan port and another 3 hour drive to dangay port in roxas, and from there another 3 hour boat ride to caticlan port and well you already know about 15 minute boat ride to boracay from there. and finally we have arrived in boracay! =)

chillin' it out ... sarap after mapagod mag swim and when the sun is already striking hot chill with san mig light =)

a teaser of my detailed boracay saga ... yeah presenting to you the cover gurls hehehe

and of course my trademark pose - anupaba? eh d jump shot LOL

we left boracay on wednesday (31 march) with a sidetrip to romblon... the ferry to romblon is something that should have been a panggatong a long time ago... it was stinking, kadiri, and looks like its about to sink as soon as it sail and i was just a hair breath away from leaving my colleagues and go back to manila on my own but my adventure seeker self prevailed and off i stayed and we sailed for 3 hours in that boat that looks like it was about to break in half because of the strong waves! to cut the story short we arrived safely at looc and travelled more than an hour to reach odiongan, romblon where a sumptuous lunch was waiting for us, thanks to kc's mom... our travel was definitely worth it.

after a very late lunch (about 3pm) we have to leave already to catch the 5:30 schedule of the roro boat to manila... and it was another 8 hour boat ride to batangas port... got home at 4am on thursday (1 april)

'It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step on to the road and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.' ~ Bilbo

oh yeah bilbo's right but that's what make's traveling a one big adventure =)

just got enough time to sleep on april fool's day ... because yeah i'm a fool like that to have another adventure in the wing... left home again at around 8pm to catch our bus ride to sagada... oh yeah the one in the mountain province... arrived in banaue at around 8 am on good friday (2 april)

i have traveled from south to north... and our path is in the map: from manila -banaue - bontoc - sagada - baguio... yeah we have traversed the cordillera region and i think i have never seen so much mountain in my life ... felt like i have travelled across a hundred mountains but it was definitely worth it! i promise to prepare a proper post in each of my adventure and post pictures to share with you guys... if you can travel please do visit sagada and banaue ... it is really something!

me and my friend in a stop over at a view deck in banaue - overlooking the 7th ancient wonder of the world - the banaue rice terraces... i'll show more pictures in my next post it was truly amazing! i sometimes forget to take pictures and just look at the magnificent view and get amazed...

after breakfast we have traveled another hour to reach our destination - sagada. we have concquered sagada and survived sumaguing cave!  that spelunking is worth another post because that is really an experience that i will never forget... after the 4 hour trek in the cave connection - i knew that i can join those amazing race and extreme contests already! :D  but again again i am telling you, you guys should go visit sagada and be a part of the 29% who tried to conquer sumaguing... at least that's the figure our guide gave us and we belong to that 29% and we have a proof - oh yeah our own certificate that we have braved sumaguing

left sagada to baguio on sunday morning (4 april) and had about an hour quick stop at baguio just enough time to have lunch slash merienda slash dinner and do some shopping at the market for the pasalubong,,, grabe pang amazing race talaga... and we thought we still have enough time to drink and have a night life in baguio but then again mahirap na maubusan ng byaheng bus pa-manila since i still have to go back to work on monday ... arrived home at 1am on monday (5 april) and woke up as if nothing happened and that my muscles aint aching to go back to reality that is called work

and last but not the least i would like to pay tribute to the best travel buddy i have... btw that photo was taken at kiltepan point view while waiting for the sunrise .. felt like i could touch the sky for a while, just being one with nature... bliss :D

promise i'll do a proper post and account all of my 9 day great summer adventure with pictures (para mainggit kayo? LOL)

PS. to my fans (ayan na naman yabang ko LOL) i mean why waste your time searching for me on google everytime... aint it easier if you'll just bookmark my addy? just a thought... dont worry i dont bite - i purr :D

update: added tripline to show the manila-boracay-romblon-banaue-sagada route


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