Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fire drill

we had a fire drill in our office building this morning and it was fun, though i dont like the part where we have to go down using stairs! at least i know where the fire exit is :)

Annually, buildings in the Philippines are required to have a fire drill exercise in compliance with PD1185 otherwise known as the Fire Code of the Philippines. During the fire drill, the special rescue unit and emergency responding team demonstrates various techniques, which include extraction of trapped victims, unfortunately there is no rappelling this year, cause according to the main man, there is an ongoing fire somewhere in manila and well of course real firemen are more needed there.

the main man whose in charge of the whole thing is so passionate about teaching people what to do and what nots during real fire... and I've also learned from him that a burning LPG tank does not explode like we see in the movies.

be safe everyone

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2007

come across janette toral's relective thinking blog because wohooo somebody voted my daily photo blog. big thanks to whoever you are, i owe you one.

ms. toral's big project is to make your list of top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2007 and by doing so you get a chance to win $100. just make sure that the blog is new or it only started last august 2006. cool eh? ... can you please include my i heart manila? hehehe sorry shameless plugging. but seriously vote for me ok. =)

i am visiting a lot of blogs, but i have to list down the new ones so here's my list. make your own too.

1. i heart manila - of course my own photo blog showcasing the beauty of manila through one photo a day. =)

2. jake the miserable - his blog is so funny

3. thirty thousand fishes - a sentimal and insightful blog of a guy who witnessed the death of 30,000 fishes

will update this list as i browse the net for more "new" blogs.


4. gagopolis just read his blog today and i swear his posts are so funny

5. thinking aloud - his blog doesnt only include his personal diaries but encourages everyone to take care and notice the environment

Monday, May 21, 2007

a shrek story

i could understand why CK is afraid of shrek, he's an ogre for god's sake and weren't we as a kid trained to fear monsters and ogres. to tell you the truth, i didn't watched shrek 1 when it came out... why? who likes a hero who doesnt look good? besides i thought it was just another cartoon movie with monsters on the topbill.

i know its a cliche but heroes were goodlooking and villains looked ugly. it has always been that way since holywood invented movies. so spare me the crap that i am one of those who judge the book by its covers, yes i do!

well, back to the shrek story... i only watched shrek just months before shrek 2 came out. i got curious why is this ugly monster going to have a sequel, so one lazy day, i've decided to download shrek 1 movie out of boredom, and boy i was surprised and i fell in love with shrek! really!!! the story and the cgi animation of this movie is superb, and i wanna kick my ass for not watching this before. i'm a fan from then on.

moral of the story: dont judge the book by its cover! hehe

btw, if you haven't watch shrek the third yet, please do... it's funny and worth your money. we watched it last sunday at the block, sm city.

P.S. after the cake was eaten and toys were washed, CK played with shrek already... another fan has fallen into his charms... i guess we're all the same, we just have to know a person or have it reintroduced to us to see the goodness within.

happy birthday from shrek

CK, my nephew, celebrated his 2nd birthday last may 16th. we had a simple celebration at home, just his cousins as guests. i decorated his cake with shrek toys from mc donald's happy meal but he just got scared with shrek so i havent got a decent picture of him, he was crying whenever he gets near the cake and and he didnt even blew the candles... i guess shrek cant charm everyone ... anyways his older brother and cousins eagerly blew the candle for him. they were so excited to get their hands on the toys, usually these kids want a piece of cake but this time they just want the toys.

Christian even made a "banner" for his lil brother... aint this sweet? he doenst go to school yet but he was able to create this masterpiece.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

when was the last time you did something for the first time?

two years ago i made a pact to myself, reposting this entry from my defunct friendster blog dated 30 may 2005 to remind myself of my forgotten promise...

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” Ever since I’ve come across that line, I’ve been asking myself and searching my memory bank just when…. but I can’t remember anything! Was it because it was so long ago that I actually did something stupid or daring for the first time, or have I never really done anything out of the ordinary at all? I don’t want to think the latter is correct because I hate the thought that I have lived a dull and boring life. I always thought of myself as someone who’s weird and not an ordinary person, but for the life of me, I can’t think of something that I have done for the first time. Not just something anyone can do, but something that is out of the ordinary. And I’ve been thinking what I should try to do, that I haven’t tried before. I started to make a list but immediately scratch it out because my cautious mind keeps on making excuses not to. And it occurred to me that I am growing old and it seems that I haven’t lived my life to the fullest yet. There are things that need to be done and tried and I haven’t. And I’m afraid that there will come a time that I wont be able to do even the simplest of things, because being old makes you more responsible, more cautious, and boring. I don’t want that to happen, that’s why from this day forward, I will always look for something to be done, be it stupid or not. I’ll try to live my life to the fullest and when the end comes, I can say that I have tried it all. You might encounter me doing some crazy stuff, but don’t worry, I’m still sane, just learning to live my life without worries. After all , you’ll only live once, better enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

why should i vote?

Why should i vote? this is the same question i know a lot of filipinos are asking to themselves. as i have posted last february our choices for a good politician is so little almost none, we only get to choose the lesser evil.

given the depressing situation, i will still vote tomorrow for these reasons:

1. i love my country no matter what... it is my duty and responsibility as a filipino to exercise my right of suffrage.

2. i want to make a difference... i know a single vote may not mean a lot, but still voting means that I made my own choices. and by believing in the persons that i will vote that they can make the difference in our country. actually, my ballot will not be full, only a few names will appear.

3. i want to believe... yes i'm optimistic and idealist but i still want to believe that the results will not be rigged this time. we all know that there is major cheating in every election but still a person need to believe in something right.

so i am encouraging you, my countrymen... please go out tomorrow and vote wisely.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

walang tulakan

LRT Daily Dose: Walang Tulakan (No Pushing)

As usual, LRT is packed again and by the time we reached tayuman station everyone is cheek to cheek already. As people try to get in the humdrum got broken by a girl shouting “Punyeta ka!” Whew! Fiesty eh? And then another girl fired back “Tulak ka ng tulak jan!” to which the earlier girl replied back “Kung ayaw mo matulak wag kang manunulak!” I’d figured there would have been a sabunutan scene if there were enough space but there is none so they satiate their anger by blabbering. The bickering lasted for 2 stations, with more or less exchanging the same snide remarks. That my folks is why I love the LRT, where else can you find entertainment like this?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

LRT daily dose

another funny moment while inside the LRT... as we were approaching Buendia station the driver said "Pedro Gil Station, Pedro Gil." Hahaha it maybe the driver's drunk, sleepy, or just confused between Gil Puyat and Pedro Gil stations. Whatever his reasons are for messing up the names he made us laugh... though i still think he should have the station names memorized by now.

And that is a classic example why we should not replace/change the names of streets and places as if we're changing our clothes. If we sticked to Beundia, people wont get confused between Pedro Gil and Gil puyat... besides most people still call it Buendia, I do.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

spidey made me sleepy

dont read this if you haven't watch spiderman 3 yet

watched the movie last night and i almost feel asleep. the visual effects are great but that doesnt compensate the fact that the storyline is so thin that it bored me, there is no exciting scene and i always... always predict what will happen next.

it is soooo predictable! and here's the top 3 reasons why:

1. a hero turning into a bad guy through a different persona - its so remind me of superman 3...
and we all know that in the end the good side of the hero will prevail and triumph over evil

2. death to anyone who discovers a hero's alter ego - why do they always kill anyone who knows the alter ego of a hero

3. the hero always end up getting back his girl - no matter what. im not talking of getting the girl back from another lover but also their love interest never die

dont get me wrong here, i love super heroes but they are so overrated.


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