Monday, May 21, 2007

a shrek story

i could understand why CK is afraid of shrek, he's an ogre for god's sake and weren't we as a kid trained to fear monsters and ogres. to tell you the truth, i didn't watched shrek 1 when it came out... why? who likes a hero who doesnt look good? besides i thought it was just another cartoon movie with monsters on the topbill.

i know its a cliche but heroes were goodlooking and villains looked ugly. it has always been that way since holywood invented movies. so spare me the crap that i am one of those who judge the book by its covers, yes i do!

well, back to the shrek story... i only watched shrek just months before shrek 2 came out. i got curious why is this ugly monster going to have a sequel, so one lazy day, i've decided to download shrek 1 movie out of boredom, and boy i was surprised and i fell in love with shrek! really!!! the story and the cgi animation of this movie is superb, and i wanna kick my ass for not watching this before. i'm a fan from then on.

moral of the story: dont judge the book by its cover! hehe

btw, if you haven't watch shrek the third yet, please do... it's funny and worth your money. we watched it last sunday at the block, sm city.

P.S. after the cake was eaten and toys were washed, CK played with shrek already... another fan has fallen into his charms... i guess we're all the same, we just have to know a person or have it reintroduced to us to see the goodness within.

3 meow:

Anonymous said...

I never have watched any Shrek movie yet. Pero popular pa rin siya sa'kin kasi nu'ng dati sa school, may nanliligaw na professor sa babaeng crush ko. "Shrek" ang bansag ni crush du'n sa prof dahil, er... kahawig ni Shrek. Hindi nga lang kulay green.

At dahil diyan, idinagdag ko na ang blog mo sa links ko. Weee!~


Shrek scares the heck out of me. :)

Poli said...

Ako fan ni Shrek! Papanuorin ko pa lang yung 3 sa Monday.


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