Thursday, May 10, 2007

walang tulakan

LRT Daily Dose: Walang Tulakan (No Pushing)

As usual, LRT is packed again and by the time we reached tayuman station everyone is cheek to cheek already. As people try to get in the humdrum got broken by a girl shouting “Punyeta ka!” Whew! Fiesty eh? And then another girl fired back “Tulak ka ng tulak jan!” to which the earlier girl replied back “Kung ayaw mo matulak wag kang manunulak!” I’d figured there would have been a sabunutan scene if there were enough space but there is none so they satiate their anger by blabbering. The bickering lasted for 2 stations, with more or less exchanging the same snide remarks. That my folks is why I love the LRT, where else can you find entertainment like this?

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