Wednesday, May 02, 2007

spidey made me sleepy

dont read this if you haven't watch spiderman 3 yet

watched the movie last night and i almost feel asleep. the visual effects are great but that doesnt compensate the fact that the storyline is so thin that it bored me, there is no exciting scene and i always... always predict what will happen next.

it is soooo predictable! and here's the top 3 reasons why:

1. a hero turning into a bad guy through a different persona - its so remind me of superman 3...
and we all know that in the end the good side of the hero will prevail and triumph over evil

2. death to anyone who discovers a hero's alter ego - why do they always kill anyone who knows the alter ego of a hero

3. the hero always end up getting back his girl - no matter what. im not talking of getting the girl back from another lover but also their love interest never die

dont get me wrong here, i love super heroes but they are so overrated.

2 meow:

zerovoltage said...

to top it all off, they showed almost every sequence in the trailer. i didn't get that, parang pinoy movie tuloy yung style.

the trailer should keep one interested, not give away everything di ba?

`r said...

but you already knew, even before you've gone to see the movie, that hollywood is incongruous to reality (however you perceive or wish to perceive reality to be). predictable? life is unsurprising sometimes - that, to others, is bliss. you censure, however, is very reasonable. :) -- `r


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