Wednesday, May 30, 2007

fire drill

we had a fire drill in our office building this morning and it was fun, though i dont like the part where we have to go down using stairs! at least i know where the fire exit is :)

Annually, buildings in the Philippines are required to have a fire drill exercise in compliance with PD1185 otherwise known as the Fire Code of the Philippines. During the fire drill, the special rescue unit and emergency responding team demonstrates various techniques, which include extraction of trapped victims, unfortunately there is no rappelling this year, cause according to the main man, there is an ongoing fire somewhere in manila and well of course real firemen are more needed there.

the main man whose in charge of the whole thing is so passionate about teaching people what to do and what nots during real fire... and I've also learned from him that a burning LPG tank does not explode like we see in the movies.

be safe everyone

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Anonymous said...

Ayos 'yun ah. Nu'ng high school din meh mga ganyan kami.

Hindi pala sumasabog ang LPG. Pero ano nga ba ang kadalasang cause ng fire na naririnig ko sa balita na LPG daw? :-\

Anonymous said...

(2nd comment) Nga pala, paki-update ang bago kong web address.

Thanks thanks!~

pusa said...

thanks for visiting... naks me darili na syang domain name, will update my list then

Poli said...

Gusto ko rin ng Fire Drill!

Saan po kayo nagta-trabaho?

Anonymous said...

(3rd comment)

Punta ka sa blog ko. Ni-tag kita. :D

Rebuttal Queen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rebuttal Queen said...

huh LPGs don't explode? so what happens pala?

hehe. curious lang ako. :)

pusa said...

well according to the Manong, uubusin lang un laman nun LPG tank, pero talagand nd sasabog... wag mag panic and have the common sense na masara un valve nun LPG, or else lalaki talaga un apoy

reyna elena said...

wtz wid the lpg? he he he!


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