Monday, May 21, 2007

happy birthday from shrek

CK, my nephew, celebrated his 2nd birthday last may 16th. we had a simple celebration at home, just his cousins as guests. i decorated his cake with shrek toys from mc donald's happy meal but he just got scared with shrek so i havent got a decent picture of him, he was crying whenever he gets near the cake and and he didnt even blew the candles... i guess shrek cant charm everyone ... anyways his older brother and cousins eagerly blew the candle for him. they were so excited to get their hands on the toys, usually these kids want a piece of cake but this time they just want the toys.

Christian even made a "banner" for his lil brother... aint this sweet? he doenst go to school yet but he was able to create this masterpiece.

1 meow:

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to CK!!!! And the cake looks really great...that's really a good idea decorating it with all the toys...thanks for sharing all the fun with us!!!


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