Tuesday, May 22, 2007

top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2007

come across janette toral's relective thinking blog because wohooo somebody voted my daily photo blog. big thanks to whoever you are, i owe you one.

ms. toral's big project is to make your list of top 10 emerging influential blogs in 2007 and by doing so you get a chance to win $100. just make sure that the blog is new or it only started last august 2006. cool eh? ... can you please include my i heart manila? hehehe sorry shameless plugging. but seriously vote for me ok. =)

i am visiting a lot of blogs, but i have to list down the new ones so here's my list. make your own too.

1. i heart manila - of course my own photo blog showcasing the beauty of manila through one photo a day. =)

2. jake the miserable - his blog is so funny

3. thirty thousand fishes - a sentimal and insightful blog of a guy who witnessed the death of 30,000 fishes

will update this list as i browse the net for more "new" blogs.


4. gagopolis just read his blog today and i swear his posts are so funny

5. thinking aloud - his blog doesnt only include his personal diaries but encourages everyone to take care and notice the environment

8 meow:

Anonymous said...

Weee!~ Maraming salamat sa pagkakabilang ng blog ko sa'yong listahan. Lubos ko itong ikinararangal. Maraming salamat sa patuloy na suporta. *meow* *meow* (Butiki 'yun.)

minnie said...

Hey agnes! Really cool concept for your photo blog! Been thinking of doing one myself, but haven't got the time! Naunahan mo ako! Hehe, sige sa iyo ang Maynila...akin ang Q.C.! Deal?! Nice shots too, I like your "Looking Through". Nice concept! Keep it up and pretty soon you're off to the big shoots!

janettetoral.com said...

Hello. I noticed that "thinking aloud" started before August 2006.

Thank you again for joining!

Poli said...

Maraming salamat sa pag-nominate sa akin!

Nagustuhan kong tunay ang isa mo bang blog na I Heart Manila!

Mar said...

Thank you, girl. I could answer the quizz on http://www.freestuffhotdeals.com/hacker/1.html thank to your blog. (With the 21 sized polygon).

Now I can dead in peace!

Don said...

hey pusa, thanks for visiting my blog and for including me in your list of emerging influential blogs for 2007 (although ms. toral is right, mine started before august 2006) :D

janettetoral.com said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will check your site tonight for any final addition to your top 10 list.

janettetoral.com said...

Thank you again for joining this writing project. Will include your entry in our raffle this Wednesday.


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