Tuesday, June 05, 2007

8 Random Facts / Weird Things About Me

Jake tagged me to do this meme... so here's my list....

1. I love hello kitty … nuff said.

2. I hate vegetables but I love mushrooms!

3. I can eat anything and never gain weight… a lot of women would like to have a fast metabolism like mine but I hated it, seriously I want to get fat, di ko pa nararanasan tumaba sa buong buhay ko eh. Just like Jake, I can go on food trip and eat like a horse but there comes a time when I just lose my appetite and can survive the day by just eating chips and drinking soda.

4. I don’t believe in relationships… having a husband, getting married and all that stuff. I know lots of girls have been dreaming about their wedding since puberty but I’m not one of them. But this doesn’t mean I’m gay/lesbian…. I guess I have to add that line.

5. No matter how much I try… I am still having a hard time figuring out which is left and which is right… guess I’m like Erap who needs a wrist band to identify which is which. So never ever asked me for directions, the answer is I don’t know. My sense of direction (or lack of it) is so pathetic… cant count anymore how many times I got lost, irregardless if I have a map, I don’t even know how to read a map, though I love looking at maps. Read this list of questions you shouldn’t ask me.

6. I’m not into sports or anything physical that would require me to sweat. I don’t exercise at all; I believe that it’s just a waste of time… besides the walk from Ayala to our office everyday is enough. The only sports I like to play are billards, chess, and darts.

7. I love to read… I can spend a whole week just reading… (wish I have that time). A book can isolate me, i’ll be lost in the pages… it doesn’t matter if I am in the center of a noisy crowd, all else become at stand still once I’m engrossed in a book… I’m encapsulated in that moment, where nothing else matters except the world that exists in my book.

8. I love the Philippines… even though there are millions of things/reasons to hate it … I still love this country to death.

the thing with these meme is i have to tag others as well, so i'm tagging genna, minnie, lahlah, low, chito, and ebudae

6 meow:

tatlumpung libong isda said...

ooops. . .i was tagged for the first time. lemme think about this hehe

Poli said...

Woohoo! Mushrooms! SARAP!

Mahal ko rin ang Pilipinas! Hehe!

Jake said...

1) Hindi obyus. Nyehehe.

2) Talaga? Kahit gaano siya ka-green?

3) *apir* *apir* *apir*

4) But I do believe that one time, you would always meet that "someone."

5) Now that's weird. Really.

6) Pareho din tayo diyan. Pero sanay akong maglakad ng pagkalayo-layo.

7) Wala na rin akong time for books ngayon e. Andyan ang sandamukal na blogs, schoolworks, at "depression cycle."

8) Mahal natin ang Pilipinas. Marapat lamang na tulungan natin siya.

Anonymous said...

Ako 'yung "Jake" na nasa itaas. Hehehe. Panibagong account ko 'yun. :D

pusa said...

hi poli, happy independence day!
uy nabuhay si jake :)

E Akino said...

once a pinoy always a pinoy...i also don't believe in paper as a legal form of marriage...cuz that won't stop the other partner from cheating...congratz, mabuhay!


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