Friday, June 29, 2007

smart bro?

yey finally, my smart bro connection is up and running... though i am not happy with the speed i am getting, but my brother said that the connection was fine earlier. i really hope that the connection doesnt deteriorate at night!

i'll know in few days time if smart bro is worth it.. though i really dont have a choice but stick with them for a year just in case their connection sucks (I really hope not) or else, they'll have a really irate customer.

they have this instant kabit promo right now and true enough they were able to install it within 3 days. i was at work when they setup the whole thing and was annoyed at the installer when my brother told me that the installer cant figure out how to enable my LAN card!!! good thing a neighbor knows how to do it. smart bro should send a capable installer. i also need to call on them tomorrow because the cable line is hanging in the front house! goodness they should learn a thing or two from skycable's installers. Anyways enough ranting. i'll deal with them tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

SmartBro din kasi 'yung ex ko. So far, ayos naman daw, though mas madalas ang "downtimes" niya kesa sa PLDT MyDSL na gamit ko. Tsaka hindi nga daw madalas naibibigay ang "promised speed."

pusa said...

hi jake, sana maging ok, although nagcheck ako kagabi ng mga speed test, layo talga dun sa promised speed.

Don said...

Congrats sa bagong DSL connection! I hope you work out the kinks though. How do you do the speed test, by the way?

pusa said...

thanks don

here's the list of website to check your connection speed


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