Friday, June 15, 2007


this little minx just turned one

aint my niece adorable?

9 meow:

Poli said...

Cute naman! Baby pa lang marunong nang pumosing!

Edong said...

wow... mana ata sa tita (?)

Anonymous said...

Hangkyut naman.

Makes me reminded of my malditang pamangkin-slash-inaanak na pinalaki ko dati.

annulla said...

Oh, what a beauty! She's going to grow up and break a lot of hearts.

minnie said...

Thanks, agnes!
Am currently okay.
Hope to be better soon.
Look forward to be really at my best in the near future.
God speed!

Marie said...

What a cutie! What a beautiful little girl and what a nice aunt!

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

She's absolutely cuuuute :-)

freelancer said...

Oh, very nice photo !

reyna elena said...

hahaha mana sa yo ateng! ang arttteee!!! hahaha


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