Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hello Kitty x Forever21

Addition to my hello kitty x forever21 collection. Been running back and forth to forever 21 stores at makati and megamall just to get the items i like. Sana talaga sabay sabay na lang ilabas diba. Still waiting for that dress wala pa rin. And oh i am still waiting for a generous sponsor who would give me the hello kitty scarf as christmas gift. Tia. xoxo

Oh btw the gray top 3/4 sleeve is actually not part of the hello kitty forever21 collab. I just saw it at makati store's kid section. Eh kasya sa akin ang medium so buy ko sya hahaha. And its supposed to be long sleeves since its for kids sana pero 3/4 lang sa akin lol

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