Sunday, March 23, 2008

bohol trip, day 4

sigh! our last day at bohol. we woke up early to swim and maximize our remaining hours. wont bore you with our photos at the beach anymore.

another photo op while waiting for the driver to pick us up, was planning to have lunch at the airport or when we arrive at manila but our driver (forgot his name) was able to convince us to check out bohol bee farm first before heading to the airport.

we agreed to go to the bohol bee farm since we really wanted to go there on our 3rd day but we just got lazy, and we're sooo glad that we visited bohol bee farm. it would have been a crime not being able to see the place if you're at bohol. the place is big, unfortunately we weren't able to really explore the place but was quite satisfied with what we saw. no we didnt see a single bee though.

twas already past 12 when we arrived at bohol bee farm and we decided to have lunch here, figuring we can still catch our flight which was scheduled at 2pm since we can really eat fast, you just have to take my word that we eat like carpenters. we made sure from the waiters that they have to serve the food within 5-10 minutes since we're really running out of time.

while waiting for our order we went down to this beautiful area and we had tons of photos in here too. the place looks really relaxing and i bet having a massage in here is bliss! after having our lust for photo satisfied we went up again and just in time our food arrived.

whoo yummy! we would have really missed a lot if we havent decided to have lunch at bohol bee farm. the food is very very delicious, and all the stuff they have are grown in the farm, organic food. their bread is made from heaven including their jam and spread. soooo delicious! too bad i dont eat veggies and flowers.

when our driver came up looking for us he was shocked to learn that we ordered food, (we only have an hour before our flight that's why) and we felt like kids being scolded by her nanny! really but we assured him that we're fast eater, we may be slow in many things but its a different matter when it comes to food.

after 8 minutes, simot sarap and mind you, that 8min included photo op already and paying our bills while mumbling hmmmm sarap! and our driver was like he just watched an act from a carnival, even the servers were like jesus, how on earth did we managed to eat everything in just 8min. i dunno ;)

dont worry we were able to catch our flight, we even waited since cebu pacific is known for its "delayed flights" anyways. slept all the way from the airport to our home in the taxi and was dead tired. but this bohol trip is really something and i swear you have to go to bohol and experience and taste what this place has to offer.

and as i've said before, i now prefer bohol over boracay anytime (unless you're going to invite me to boracay all expenses paid, why not? LOL). boracay is beautiful, no doubt about it but the place is so commercialized and being the anti-social that i am i prefer a less crowded place and bohol is the best place to be. white sand beach, yeah almost like boracay but again less crowd! besides bohol can offer so much more wherein boracay is just a beach. i'm not saying you shouldnt go to boracay anymore, you gotta experience bora too and as i've said if you're a gimikero or gimikera, boracay is the best place to go.

should you decided to visit bohol, do contact tata at for accommodation and tours, she'll take good care of you like what she did with us.

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9 meow:

bertN said...

Eight minutes to eat the food, take pics and pay the bill! I can't imagine how you gals did it. If it were me, I'll probably take the food to go na lang LOL.

diwata said...

wala akong masabi, ingit ako!

maLen said...

kelan kaya ako makakarating jan?

kyels said...

8 minutes to finish the food. Wow! Really! You remind me of Sonic but food-wise. Tee hee.


carlotta1924 said...

naiimagine ko ang lahat ng sinulat mo dito grabe 8 minutes lang! dapat siguro sumali kayo sa mga eating contests tiyak panalo kayo hehehe :D

yung flowers dun sa salad pwede rin kainin? tinikman mo ba?


reyna elena said...

hehehehe tama sinabi ni bertn! to go na lang sana, feed the dolphins!

hahaha eto ako, minimemorize ang trip mo! enjoy ever! haha an saya!!

Anonymous said...

Hello sayo! Thanks for sharing your blog and pix. nakakatawa ka magkwento, natawa ako sa entry mo at nagustuhan ko tuloy bisitahin ang bee farm dahil sa mga pix nyo. like you, mas gusto ko rin ang di masyadong mataong lugar kaya mas gusto ko rin ang bohol kaysa boracay. pero di ko pa napuntahan ang bee farm.

natuwa rin ako kasi tinatangkilik mo ang sariling atin. sana marami pang matulad satin sa pagpasyal sa mga probinsiya ng pilipinas.

nakapunta na ba kayo sa palawan? kung sakali ay bisitahin nyo yung puerto princesa..lalo na marcos hot springs at snake island ng honda bay. magbaon kayo ng authentic vietnamese noodle soup mula sa vietville resto pag punta nyo ng hot springs. i also recommend ka lui's resto sa rizal ave. and underground river (op cors!)

hope to meet you sometime!

girl valencia

pusa said...

@bertN - hahahaha talent namin ang pagkain ng mabilis LOL

@diwata - inggitera ka talaga hehehehe mwah

@malen - tara madami ule promo na zero fare at all in ang mga airlines ngayon

@kyels - i am sonic pusa :D

@carlotta - sali kami sa mga fiestea eatign contests hehehe. o pwede kainin un mga flowers pero di ako kain ng flowers at veggies eh, pero lahat ng food nila sa bee farm organic

@reyna - tara mag bohol tayo ule pagbalik mo dito

@girl valencia - thank you, gusto ko talga rin makapunta ng palawan pero di pa namin masked ng barkada, hopefully soon :) take note ko yang mga recommended places mo :)

Dinah said...

Thanks for giving us an idea on what do to in Bohol. I am also in touch now with Tata and I gave her this link so she can check out your recommendation. We are going to Bohol in less than a month and I am so excited already.

Great site, by the way!


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