Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bohol trip, day 3

day 3 at Bohol - 02 March 2008

we're all sick when we woke up at around 8am, dunno if its because of our lack of sleep, or we've been out in the water the whole day on our 2nd day, or was it a sign of us getting old (madali na mapagod!). anyways none of us wanna get up, its our free day no particular itenerary we just planned on checking out the resort and the stretch of alona beach, but since we're feeling a bit sick we just had breakfast in bed (buti na lang masisipag un mga kaibigan ko! me tiga timpla ng kape, me tigalagay ng palaman sa sandwich, at me tigalagay ng hot water sa cup noodles - kakain ka na lang, san ka pa hehehe).

after our breakfast we're still feeling lazy so we decided to sleep in until lunch time after all we still have the afternoon to explore. if hunger didnt woke us i guess we could have slept all day long! it was around 4pm that we're able to go out of our room, finally, and we decided to have lunch at Trudis Place and get to explore alona beach as well.

a fallen tree on our way to trudis place. sorry no photos of the famous carinderia since im soooo hungry (of course naka-2 rice na naman ako noh), no photos of the food as well, but it's true! the food at that place is delicious! i specially liked the chicken cordon blue yum yum!

after our very late lunch we proceed to the far end of alona beach, i think this part is in front of the alona palm resort or something. the water is sooo refreshing, soothed our lagnat laki moment.

dang! bat ang gaganda namin? hahahahaahaha LOL, ok again my friends are up for grabs, bid now!!!! =)

twas 7 already when we decided to have dinner, we explored every nook and cranny of alona beach as in, we' re running out of bread and soda so we looked for a bakery, and someone told us that we should take the eskinita to go to the road leading to the bakery and we'll find the fruit fairy there.

we found the bakery with no problem and we even found a grocery store and the prices are real, i mean like the prices here in manila. coz like if you buy a 1.5 coke along the alona beach sarisari stores its worth 70pesos, grabe noh... anyways we're so glad that we find that place and we even saw carinderias that sells really cheap food, but we only bought rice from the since we're planning to have a special dinner in our room.

and take note they have an ATM machine at one of the roads from the eskinita!!! we really thought that bohol is like very far from the civilization LOL, so we're all like yehey. btw in case you need to go anywhere far from alona beach, they have this special public transportation - as in single na motorbike - wherein you just flag them down and say angkas! dont know much they charge though.

here's our special dinner!

i told you we were traveling on a budget hehehehe look at our entree - we have red sardines, spanish sardines, and tuna, we even have a soup - la paz batchoy noodles! =)

since it is our last night, we really have to go out and check out bohol's night life, though we already figure there wont be much, as i've mentioned in my previous post there is almost no night life at bohol. i think they are following a certain decibel of noise here, like you really have to be at the bars doorstep to hear their music, which i think is ok, you dont need to shout at each other just to hear whatever anyone is saying, you know what i mean, coz really most bars are so noisy. not much party people here, the crowd is behaved. if you're too fond of gimick nights then bohol aint for you. "live bands" are only until 10pm and by 12am the bars are already closed.

we didnt really stay that long, after a bottle we went back to our room, they prefer my own mix hehehehe, that's my task actually they prepare breakfast and tidy up the room, i take care of our drinks :) easy eh?

to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Ang sarap naman ng special dinner ninyo, puede bang makisalo? Sardinas has a soft spot in my palate, lalo na kung pipigaan ng kalamansi at ilalamas sa kanin o kaya ipapalaman sa pandesal.

It was a "constant" during my college days and it was an "instant" ulam extender after college when I was doing fieldworks in the boondocks and we were running out of fresh food supply.

carlotta1924 said...

hay naku kahit anong makain basta nasa beach masarap! ang saya nyo talaga. buti na lang um-ok na pakiramdam nyo nung nasa beach na kayo. there's always something soothing and healing pag nasa beach, ano?

have a blessed holy week =)

Anonymous said...

great shots prettykitty!!! before I forgot I have tagged you please visit mine too...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ang galing! di ba pedeng lakihan yong models? hehehe! kairita! andaya! hahaha!

ang ganda talaga nang bohol ever!!! kainggit talaga kayoooo!! grrrrr!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though your dinner was budgeted and simple I still find it scrumptious. It does not have to be posh to be delicious ... That's what I think.


diwata said...


Nina said...

you should go here and see the ladies in their national dress while swimming :)

Anonymous said...

pst! naglalaro kami nang spirit of the glass! eto sinali kita! http://reynaelena.com/2008/03/22/technorati-authority-explode/


Anonymous said...

miss na miss ko na tuloy ang Bohol dahil sa mga posts mo! hehe. when i went to Panglao last summer, it was such a breath of fresh air for me because the place wasn't jam-packed with people (unlike Boracay) and the party scene was so tame (unlike Boracay). the kitchen closes at 10pm and bars close at 12mn. after that, you can bring out your own drink/poison out on the shore and extend your private party under the stars. saya! :-)

Anonymous said...

One heck of a escapade break, yes? :) I'm very sure you made the most out of your trippings. And it's fun since you got to tag along with good friends and good drinks. :D

ok again my friends are up for grabs, bid now!!!! =) Me! Me! Meee~~~!!!!111 :D :D

Less of the nightlife, ne? I guess not the kind for me who is a night boy. :D

By the way, I'm back after a couple of month's silence. I'm using my old URL (http://jakethemiserable.blogspot.com). Nice to be back. :D


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