Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hello kitty vans

okay so finally! it is here! hello kitty vans that is! :D

 i was torn between these two hello kitty vans and i can only buy one cause it is not cheap noh

 and it didnt helped that there are tons of cute hello kitty vans to choose from

i really went giddy upon seeing that vans at greenbelt have these hello kitty design. i thought i have to order online pa.

and i chose this one! if only i have the money to buy them all hehehehe

 the cute hello kitty vans box
 unwrapping the box, the shoes are individually rolled in a cure hello kitty paper, heheh parang pandesal
 hello kitty vans comes with a free sticker, yup the tag is a sticker :)
 pimping my hello kitty vans

and did i say this is my first vans pair and it is hello kitty! hooray :D


5 meow:

Anonymous said...

hi, how much for a pair of those Vans?

pusa said...

hello, its PHP 2,500
bought it at Vans store in Greenbelt 3

my_perfect_orange said...

hi is there a design for guys?

pusa said...

hi, hmm i think none for guys. that's all the design they have for this hello kitty vans collection

Lovely said...

I also love hello kitty. pretty shoes. I want to have one :) By the way, I'm lovely.


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