Monday, June 13, 2011

hello kitty swimsuit

yahoo! finally got my hands on those hello kitty swimsuit! :D
big grin on my face, cant seem to take off that smile on my face since i got the parcel from genna.
i really owe you big time girl for taking the time to buy this one for me. mwahhuggs!

i just hope i can give justice wearing this hello kitty swimsuit. as many have noticed i have gained weight :D so i hope the tummy wont bulge that much when i wear this hello kitty swimsuit for the first time in palawan a few weeks from now. :)

very cute design - lookie hello kitty face all over :)

 tahnks again genna for buying this on your US trip and good thing you were able to buy it before you left USofA :)  coz you see, my friend already found a hot topic store in LA but they dont have a small size, good thing they have at teh last store she checked.

for those of you who want the same hello kitty swimsuit you can buy it online here

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